After winning 10 matches in a row

I just exited out of a lobby where I was king, playing with kim wu caused me to win 10 matches in a row against high level thunders riptors spinals jagos etc. Kim wu to me seems like the golden child of season 3 right now. Ive noticed that I kan stop riptor in her dash with a LK wind kick move. And the same goes for the other characters. And dont get me started on her dragon kick super move, thats invisible on start up, Its saved me everytime riptor set flames on the ground, it would be the main reason why I won a few matches. Also I dont know if this is a bug spamming HP to your opponent causes a 2 hit combo but than instantly resets, barely giving your opponent an opportunity to do anything. I took out my opponents several times by pressing HP the entire round, hearing thier screams through my TV made me feel so proud :P. Anyway what do you guys think of kim wu, season 3 for that matter? Any feed back, thoughts on her and the rest of the cast? anyone wanna fight me heres my gamertag


Dragon kick isn’t invincible on start-up, or anywhere actually. I’m guessing it does get tagged as instantly airborne though, which would let it sail right over a Riptor flame carpet. If they’d simply meatied you instead you would have gotten wrecked - Kim’s actually pretty free on wakeup.

Not a bug. Kim’s HP command string turns into a 2 hit combo opener on hit - after that you have to input a linker like normal for the combo to continue. If you keep mashing it, you’ll get the reset you were seeing. I haven’t tested yet to see just how tight that window is, but if the opponent just blocks they’ll be more than alright.

Kim is really good I think and has some great tools, but some of what we’re seeing is just character unfamiliarity, pure and simple. Once people get used to her and her toolset, we won’t be able to get away with a lot of the stuff that’s working right now.


I think Kim is actually pretty awful personally. Once you figure out the stuff she wants to do it’s stupidly easy to shut her down. I actually think she’s the worst of the 4 new characters by quite a large margin.


can’t speak to pvp effectiveness, but overall she’s every bit the badass I hoped she’d be, picking up right where she left off in KI2.

It was actually pretty tough for me to settle on maining her in this game for the first few hours, I just finally picked up the game. But she ends up edging out everyone.

Now to figure out what to do with these pesky dragon things. So they’re primarily for combo canceling and maybe a quick projectile in instinct? so much meta in this game aaaaaah

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Hm. She’s certainly pretty straightforward, and an argument could be made that she’s the worst of the new characters - but in KI, that is almost always up for discussion.

I think the other characters have a much more obvious level of shenanigans (Rash), depth (Arbiter grenade setups), or just raw power (Tusk), but I think Kim holds her own pretty well. Still super, super new with her, but she has a lot of potential I think, and has a lot of depth hidden in her tools that aren’t quite obvious. Right now everyone’s using dragons for L. dragon kick->mixup, but I think she has some other stuff hidden in there as well. Dragon grasp resets are absolutely going to be a thing in a few weeks, and her high/low game is fairly potent and, more importantly, safe.

Her game can be super straightforward and linear, but I don’t think that’s her ceiling at all. She has solid mobility, good range in her punch normals, and can hit really, really hard. She’s one of those characters who can really make an opponent pay for any sort of mistake, and in my opinion that alone means she’s a solid contender. The lack of a credible low threat from any range but up close is her biggest issue I think, but that’s not terribly limiting given her other options.

Working on that already. :wink:

And baiting with Overhead splitkick into Dragon Cancel.

Lol. You’re not the only one. I’ve got timing down in training, but haven’t been able to land them consistently in ranked. Something about Kim makes me want to push too many buttons, so wind up just getting the manual or an AD. :confused:

I know what you mean, I’ve just been trying to do her target combos and resets without hitting any other buttons, but it’s so hard. XD

Now with this, are you doing Dragon Grasp, and delaying to get a reset, or doing a Special move into dragon cancel? You might be doing too much stuff, and negative edge kicks in.

Nah, just doing the delayed normal after dragon grasp - haven’t tried mixing in dragon cancel resets yet. :slight_smile:

Try those. I know yesterday, I was experimenting with Dragon cancels, and figured out that you can Dragon cancel pretty much anything, so I was doing a lot of Overhead into Dragon Cancel into Grasp. It kinda forces people to block low, which you can then do setups.

Will have to do that. I was experimenting a bit with the overhead while working on the dragon grasp resets. It’s a good tool, but I found that it’s pretty tough to use sometimes unless the opponent is being a good boy and blocking. Mash jab seems to randomly beat out a lot of the cool things you might want to try, so I was taking a look at using counter hit setups instead.

Care for a set tonight @TheNinjaOstrich? I’m curious what tech I might be able to steal from you :smile:

I owned a Kim Wu last night with Tusk.

Lol If you want to. It’s not stealing if I’m sharing.