After seeing Tech N9ne fighting hand to hand, he would slay

Ya can skip throught CES’s part.


Tech N9ne In Instinct Mode lol

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Which dude are we supposed to be watching?

The fight choreography looked like a lot of the opponents were told “do a neutral jump and then stand there not blocking.” Lol.

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Hehe Tech N9ne of course, not Ces Cru (the other 2 guys) I just saw this video and thought it was funny. He is the same guy with red spiked hair and face paint just back in the day…

Tell ya what what though if Tech made a KI song it would kill Wiz’s from MK.

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Very nice and not bad at all too :grin: Overall they are (in their very own skills AND ways) the three martial art masters/the three masters of martial arts :wink: