After Patch update 3.04 the Graphics look all washed out looking...Windows 10 PC!

After Patch update 3.04 the Graphics look all washed out looking…Windows 10 PC!

The Graphics appear to now be all washed out looking after the most recent update…i can see it mainly with scenes that have a lot of black as it now looks more greyish on my monitor…please note this isn’t on my end and definitely only when i play this game as this problem didn’t exist in the previous update as the game previously looked gorgeous but now just looks plain washed out… :frowning: Please fix this asap!

Did the game icon changed for you? Also, do you know the size of the update?

After any update there are thousands of things that could go wrong on PC, or settings that need re-adjusting.

So dont assume it isn’t on your end.

I dont notice any issues for me. And i do have the new update.

Yes the games desktop icons changed to the Windows Store Icon strangely enough…hope they change it back to the Proper KI Desktop Icon we had before…

my settings are the exact same as before…i even checked for brightness but its at default meaning the patch has obviously changed some setting to make the ingame look so washed out looking…

If you are 100% positive that your Monitor, PC, GPU, And in-game Settings are correct, than either:

  1. The update changed the graphics, and everyone would notice it.
  2. The update had a strange interaction with some part of your set-up, that requires you to go back and re-adjust your settings.

Go fool around with ALL of your settings, and im sure you can get it to look good again.