After Mira patch i lost both season 2 and 3 on my pc

Ive had purchased both ultra editions the day they came out but after the Mira update i lost both season 2 and 3 on my pc. Has this happened to anyone else and if so is there a fix?

Same happened to me on Xbox, I rebooted the game and everything was okay.

I have experienced this too on Windows 10 but the problem was not with KI - but with the Windows 10 Store.

I have seen this produce multiple errors with KI and Quantum Break but the reason is always the same.

from the Run command type wsreset and to clear the store’s caches (This wont delete any of your data) - this process might take a few seconds or a few minutes - once its done the store should open up as usual on its home page.

Once it has done so reboot your PC and try KI again - hopefully all your content should be back :slight_smile: