After Anniversary Update it felts like Jago got skinnier and something wrong with muscles. Seems like his avatar(icons) are changed too

Is it to me or it was always been like that ? I’m using 1080P res. Before update i think his muscles more bigger and level 1 basic sword was a little bit wider.

I’m pretty sure his icons has been changed too. If i remember correctly his avatar doesnt look straight forward.

What I do know is that they updated the character Icons for every character in the game for the anniversary edition. And they updated/buffed OG Jago’s moves. But to my knowledge they only made everything play/look well on 4k screens and set-ups. If that has resulted to Jago looks skinnier… I don’t know, maybe I guess? I can’t see it but maybe a “graphics guru” know more about “upscaling” stuff and the end results of that process.
Iron Galaxy/microsoft has released a full list of all the “changes” to the game for the anniversary edition. My knowledge only comes from the Stream Iron Galaxy did for the update 22 nov.

As far as I know, it’s mostly balance changes they listed.

In terms of non-balance, they mention the game has been moved to DirectX 12 for the newer consoles, does up to 1440p at 60 FPS on Xbox Series S, and up to 2160p at 60 FPS on Xbox Series X (it already did native 2160p at 60 FPS on Xbox One X though). So not a lot of details there.

They updated the 3.11 patch notes with more information on their website:

  • UI remaster and new Purple & Gold color theme
  • DX12 Renderer update on Xbox
  • Optimized for Series X/S
  1. Native 4k 60fps on Series X
  2. Native 1440p 60fps on Series S
  • Updated to new online services for improved matchmaking
  • Steam Login issue resolved (no more long delay)
  • Steam ranked points reset bug fixed
  • Ability to purchase KI Gold on Xbox reenabled
  • Balance updates (see balance patch notes for details)
  • Reduced requirements for Shadow Skins and Mimic Skin (see progression patch notes for details)
  • Reduced KI Gold costs for optional progression shortcuts (see progression patch notes for details)

Design Progression Tuning Updates:

  • Mimic Skins: Number of Mimic to defeat to unlock skins reduced. Examples:
  1. Jago’s Mimic skin now only requires defeating 25 Mimic Jagos (was 50).
  2. Shin Hisako is defeat 20 of her Mimics (was 100).
  3. Characters requiring defeating Shadow Lords (any difficulty) also reduced. Examples:
    3.1. Gargos requires defeating Shadow Lords 5 times now (was 15).
    3.2 Rash 3 times (was 15).
  • Shadow Skins: Shadow Points (a earnable only currency) required to unlock Shadow Skins reduced. Examples:
  1. Jago’s Shadow Skin is 15K (was 75K)
  2. Spinal Shadow Skin is 10K (was 50K)
  • KI Gold prices for optional progression shortcuts reduced: Cost to shortcut progression to unlock Colors, Accessories, Shadow & Mimic Skins, etc. reduced.