After a Combo breaker questions

  1. Why combo breaking distance changes so much? does they depend on the reach of the character’s normals/command normals?

  2. Are all the characters supposed to be totally in neutral stance when they land?

  3. Why Wulf seem to be in such disadvantage after a breaker? He seems negative compared to other characters.


I think its just a way to inject some variety into the Mechanic.

Some will push back and others will knock down. Kinda like Street Fighter’s V-Reversals. All of them let you escape Pressure but all do it with small variations on the Results.

  1. From what i recall, with you as the defender and the one breaking the combo (grounded), it depends on your normals. Your opponent should be placed right outside your longest normal’s reach. So for each matchup as Wulf, it should look about the same but when you play different characters, it’s going to vary some depending on their buttons.

  2. Characters are either going to flipout from a grounded combo breaker or go into a blowout animation into a knockdown that you can quick rise off an air combo breaker. I believe the offensive player that got broken is fully invincible while they’re in the air until the moment they touch the ground.

  3. Maybe this is an unintended intended feeling? Mechanically, you should be at neutral after a grounded combo, but right outside of your character’s longest ranged normal. I know some characters have buttons or moves that make them feel like being broken is akin to them being plus. Jago’s forward roundhouse, Wulf’s hamstring, Rash’s Big Bad Boot, Glacius Cold Sholder, etc. For this question Maru, i don’t really have an answer to your feeling of being disadvantaged, but i think i get it. If that makes sense.

Interestingly enough, there is some kind of disparity with air combo breakers. I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that as Kim, if i’m broken off of Dragon Kick with an air combo breaker against Jago, Shadow Jago or Omen, i’m getting deposited on the opposite end of the screen. But only against them, if i recall correctly. And i don’t know if that’s just a Kim vs just them thing; i never bothered to look further into it.


Lol, this has happened to me too!.

Regarding Wulf I checked my options for instance…Against Omen’s forward HP after a combo breaker. Best option? Blocking really, you can press some buttons but if you miss the timing the punish is worst.
I like finding ways to challenge stuff. Not that I’m mashing like crazy, I just enjoy trying my options. If I’m trying to block (despite not being able to understand what’s happening in time) is because I’m not sure I can press a button yet. But being too focused on blocking in this game is hard. When they eventually get in and your combo breakers aren’t on point (specially vs X characters) you can lose too much health.

But I’m finding really hard to press a button after a breaker with Wulf, I don’t know why. Other characters look like they have better options after it.
I could try hammstrig as you said, but if they block the potential punish is not the best. Unless I have Instinct.
With shadow a surprise attack it’s possible (I’ve seen many Fulgores going for this…). But still risky.
Overpower is kind of slow and the reach isn’t the best, but it’s an option depending on the MU and will leave you in a better position.
In the mirror I like running uppercut after a breaker. It’s fast and it 's not hugely unsafe, it can take many Wulfs by surprise.

  1. When you break, you are put at (roughly) the range of your longest reaching normal + a little bit. The person who was broken has a slight advantage, somewhere around +1 or +2. I just checked for Wulf and it seems normal in this regard (doing the “jump test” after a breaker, his opponent jumps probably about 2 frames before Wulf). I don’t think there is a standardized number here – the devs said they tried to get it as close as they could to somewhere around +1 or +2, but some characters will probably be slightly worse or better after a breaker.

  2. If you break a grounded combo, you will both be in neutral stance. If your opponent is in the air when he breaks, you will be sent away with a soft knockdown (the same type of knockdown that happens when you blow out the KV). This is because the devs said that, if they did the flipout for air breakers instead, it was too hard to make the system work with the various possible positions of the characters (ground to air, air to air, etc).

  3. As said above, Wulf is probably about -2 or -3 after a breaker, but I don’t think any character is plus here. I wouldn’t be surprised if some characters were 0 though.

I didn’t really believe this, so I tested it and it’s true. If Jago breaks Kim’s L dragon kick, Kim gets sent full screen away, but if, say… TJ breaks it, she is only sent a little distance away (about 1/3rd screen). Definitely strange behavior that I didn’t know about. I doubt it will be fixed so just have to attribute it as a quirk of the character. It’s kind of annoying but doesn’t seem that bad to me.

EDIT - Just tested another air move (Cinder’s recapture) and the same behavior happens. So it seems like Jago/Shago/Omen have odd behavior breaking any air move. Very strange. I think it probably sucks for Jago more often than not (against a character like Cinder, say), but is good for Omen/Shago who don’t mind if their opponent is full screen away.


Lol, would I lie, Infil?


This remind me I was playing my boyfriend’s Omen and this would happen. I was like…What the heck?? Why I’m in the other side of the world from you?? Also it happened against another Omen that the break would just put us almost together (I don’t remember what happened) and he would press cr.lp faster than me being able to do something. But it may habe been lag? nah. I really don’t know, sometimes strage things happen.


OMg you are reading what i got in my head since a noticed it too;
Exemple: you are the agressor then you get combo breaked and if you are against jago jago always land on his feet and you as sadira player are still on the ground hardknockdown. i do not understand why and i wanna know now.
its happens with the wulf also and others characters.,

Ive never been in a sutuation, where jago was on a knockdown hes always the first to move after a breaker, can you explain me it please.


Ok so the last 2 days I have noticed that while playing with Omen and getting broken or breaking in the air I have ended up landing like right in front of my opponent. Like toe to toe! I dont like that.
This happened tonight against Thunder…and I think we were both like WTF do we do? lol

This is odd… I dont recall breakers putting us so close together?


Hmm…are there certain attacks that trigger this? Or is it consistent with all breaks?


Im pretty sure its an air breaker. It all happens so fast its hard to remember what triggers it. I didnt make a video. But i know it happened several times in a 1 match set against a Thunder.


I’ll try to lab this when I’m able to get on KI again (which might take a while).

Just one question, in the air, were you breaking Thunders DP or normal air attacks?


It happened to me too long ago against Dul’s Omen. A breaker put us so close that I ended up in a bad situation with the Wulf. Even I was mashing jab Omen would win in that situation.


Pretty sure it was Thunders DP shenanigans. Landed toe to toe…and if he is in instinct he can dash through you and I can shadow form through him. But either way you arent expecting it and as you would normally take a quick breather… you are caught off guard and panic.