After 1 hit, how to guard?

new player here. how to cut enemy combo in multiplayer? cant do anything after 1st hit. help me!! =)

You can’t block after the first hit. But you can use a combo breaker. You try to match the strength of your opponents attack(light, medium or heavy) by hitting the two buttons of that strength simultaneously.

I would HIGHLY recommend going into the dojo and playing through the tutorial lessons found there in order to understand the game’s basic mechanics before trying to compete online.


The DOJO is a must for new players. Also check out and any youtube lesson character guide by SAJAM.


And I would second that suggestion. For your particular question, I would say take a look at the dojo lesson on combo breaking.

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ty for fast replays, and 1 more thing, where is all “lowbies”? i only get lv50 against me, and cant win for daily quest. :frowning:

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Go to the dojo first please.


KI doesn’t have a huge player base, and most of the people you are likely to run into have probably been playing for at least a little while at this point. You may be able to find some newer players by going into exhibition and restricting your search to Bronze level players though.

I would also recommend trying out the Shadows Lab. There you’re able to play AI based on human players. Those AI’s tend to be good practice for getting ready to play actual humans - they play more like actual people than the standard AI, and make some of the same mistakes that you’ll see against real people.


Change your search parameters. Many new players make the mistake of just hitting “search for opponent” with out taking the time to remove the higher ranked tiers.

If you are still qualifier then you should remove Bronze, sliver , Gold and Killer from your search parameter.

I’d actually recommend leaving the Bronze players in there. There’s a decent amount of killer Qualifiers out there, players who are actually really good, but for whatever reason have just avoided ranked. I feel like the Bronze player base is more “guaranteed” to be worse than the bulk of the KI population. I’ve been mauled by a decent number of Qualifiers over the years; can’t really say the same for Bronze.

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Killers can rank reset and go to qualifiers to destroy low level players. If you are new, do the 10 qualifier matches first. This will decide what rank you start in. Then in exhibition, set it to that rank only. Leave qualifiers out.

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ty this was really helpfull. =)

Hmmmm I smell something…

take a shower? :stuck_out_tongue: well, 1st 5 matches was against lv50, then the game told to me that i suck and better start at bronze. after that got lv14 bronze guy against me. this game feels pretty good!


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It was an example…he can do whatever…but a lot of people dont do anything but hit search. Thats hwy I asked several times fro them to change it to where it does it for you automatically and you add the extra tiers instead of removing them.

So annoying when you get a match and they leave because you are higher than them if they would just change the damn parameters.

Infil’s guide is great for working out when you can start breaking (as it’s not always obvious) - but in the beginning, just look out for special moves and jumping attacks. After getting hit by one of those, you can start breaking.
But remember to be patient - don’t just guess or mash. If you try to break incorrectly then you’re in trouble, and your opponent can deal lots of damage that you can do nothing about.

I recommend starting with the ingame combo breaker training mode to work things out. It’ll put you through breaking some grounded combos.
The dojo mode will also show you how players will sometimes try to attack you after they finish a combo, and how to defend well and avoid taking more damage.
You can learn how autodoubles differ in speed (heavies are easy to spot), how to look out for the last hit of heavy linkers, and how to break shadow linkers. All of these can be reacted to quite nicely if you keep up.

Once you’re used to breaking these slower and easier to break attacks, you should be good to go for beginning players - they’ll usually use a few of them in their combos by habit, so just wait for something you recognise. If they keep using light or medium attacks, then start looking out for those autodoubles and trying to react to them instead (more combo breaker training will get you used to them).

However, don’t try and break every attack you can react to - if you keep breaking heavies or at the start of combos, your opponent will soon get used to it and start trying to counter break, which will result in lots of damage if they’re successful.
Change your habits every so often in each match - if you’ve shown you can break shadow linkers or autodoubles, sometimes don’t try to break them and your opponent could leave themselves open because they expected you to try.

And don’t forget to not worry too much. You don’t need to break everything. Sometimes attacks will just pass you by before you notice them, or you’ll break wrongly by accident. No point in dwelling on it, and you have lots of time to improve and get used to things.