Aecade and Hidden Boss's

In my Opinion, this game is missing one important thing and that is a regular Arcade mode we have it with season 1 but the problem is you can only do it with Season 1 characters it would be so much better if we could do that with every character. The addition of Shadow Jago as a Unlockable boss was great but with us having other Boss character in the game it would be a shame not to use them in the arcade as unlockable bosses as well. Gargos, Eyedol and the apparent Aria are all meant to be bosses so why not add them in as bosses as well.

To add ARIA, Gargos and Eyedol as Arcade bosses, the devs would have to make up some “conditions” to complete before facing them (EX. Perform 8 Ultras without losing a round to face Gargos).

Without these conditions, adding them in Arcade Mode won’t make the game feel complete.

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yeah I know this what i was getting at they would work like Shadow Jago

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This could be a dope feature to add in the next patch (despite some bugs that need to be fixed).

I think if they just update S1’s arcade to include more bosses sure.

Rival Schools had the end boss be different depending on conditions and the character you pick; sometimes Raizo/Hideo are the final boss, sometimes Hyo is.
also, Plasma Sword had a different final boss for most of the cast, since they would actually fight their “rival” after fighting the boss (Bilstein) with ramped-up AI. i feel like a few games also had bosses and such determined by the character that you pick. SF4 rival battles, etc…

i could see something like that working out in KI. maybe some characters have Fulgore->ARIA as a sub boss/final boss, others fight Omen->Gargos, others have ?->Eyedol.

(on that note a boss ARIA sounds like a nightmarishly evil idea – what if she was always in instinct so she could use all of her moves and had 3 regular healthbars instead of 3 reduced ones? i can feel the salty losses already, lol)

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