Advanced graphic options

I’m a bit disappointed that the maxed graphic on PC is “just” how it looks on Xbox One.
My ideas for advanced graphic options would be:

  • change the current high textures to medium (only change the name, textures are still the same)
  • add a high option with even higher textures
  • higher the resolution of the background
  • more antialiasing options than on/off (FXAA, MSAA, TXAA…)
  • option to change to the old shadows effects (also chages color of the shadow bar) (could also be on the xbox one version)
  • option to change to the old lightning (maybe needs a restart) (could also be on the xbox one version)
  • fix the shadows to show in the right direction (depending on stage) (at least with the S3 lightning)

I marked the important ones

Oh and 21:9 support.
And to every one that says: But this is cheating… it isn’t.
I played MKX in 21:9, shure it had some problems because it normaly doesn’t support it, and even with Flawless Widescreen the cinematic bars and the UI just stopped where 16:9 would end and you could see out of the stage in intros and outros. But it worked and it wasn’t unfair because you can’t leave the 16:9 space, you just see more of the stage !
And everyone that fears that you can than see out of the stage and see thing you shouldn’t be able to see and stuff like that, it could fade to black at the end of the stages.

Based on what is realistic to expect as being relatively easy/simple to add, I’d like different AA options, the ability to render at a higher resolution from within the game and adjust stage depth of field\blur.