Additional Colors Inquiry

Something I’ve been wondering for a while now, is how long does it take to create/design a new character color? Ever since the release of Aganos and Colors 7-9, I’ve been somewhat perplexed. Some might remember that a specific color for Aganos was removed or changed last minute, and I’ve always wanted to at least see it.

I understand colors are affected by certain stage lighting; is that what makes it so difficult? Iron Galaxy was able to release numerous colors and accessories simultaneously; did this take months or weeks?

I’ve always been for the idea of IG selling extra character colors if they were fairly priced and always available, but I can’t expect such a thing if colors take ages to finalize.

I like the idea for more colors. Cause honestly. I’m still waiting on that sports red car Fulgore.

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That would be awesome to see! :oncoming_automobile:

I think adding new colors would be a cool way to incentivize playing with characters you’d previously maxed out. Rather than simply sell them, I think there are a lot of ways players could unlock them, both through money and through gameplay.
-Ultra Edition Bonus (in addition to individual customization packs)
-New level cap, new colors to grind for.
-Intermittent new unlocks, so you can get new stuff for free by having a character to a high enough level (like the Aganos patch) and make it so new characters are more fun to grind for since you get more stuff per level (especially early on, when 50% of your unlocks in the 15-30 levels are concept art and taunts)
-Story Mode related colors/skins/accessories
-Event/Holiday related timed freebees

Sidenote/Mini Request: New retro colors and accessories, KI2 music for practice, and classic concept art from Kevin Balis please? I’d play the c.rap out of this game if those editions were included (more than usual) <3 Heck, I might just make a thread about it.

I think pretty much everyone is on the same page as you. I don’t want to spend money on extra colors, everyone loves free stuff. But if Microsoft/Iron Galaxy is seeing a direct and blatant reason to create extra colors or accessories, it might mean more overall content in the long run.

I would probably like to see some special event/trophy colors for tourney/event winners.

more accessory colors and textures, I’d like the accessory menu better accommodate accessory alts (eg: Accessory :arrow_right: accessory Colors/Textures.)

yes more Retro colors.

I want a solid Black Catsuit color for Retro Orchid

and maybe throw in some Mesh & spandex textures layered under some Jago’s retro colors. eg: Orange over Black spandex. White over Red mesh

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H.ell yeah, I’m all for getting an accessory color list. Would clear up room for more brand new accessories.