Activate purchased fighters?

Hey all. I hate my first post is a support question, but I must ask. First, I only have the Win10 game, no XBone. I WAS going to buy the supreme bundle, but I thought it would be a good idea to throw $5 away before $50 just to make sure everything works, so I bought Jago. Everything seemed to work fine. No errors or anything. I used paypal for the purchase. I got sent to paypal, put in my information and all. The last page told me to go back to the app. Well… Jago is still locked. I tried restarting the game, letting it check DLC… still locked. To add insult to injury, my paypal account doesn’t show the transaction ever took place, neither does the bank it is linked with, and if I attempt to re-buy Jago, the buy button is greyed out.

What hidden steps am I missing? I sure am glad I tested the waters instead of throwing $50 at it :stuck_out_tongue:

…maybe the transaction is still processing? I’ve bought stuff (totally unrelated) with PayPal a few times, and occasionally it will take from a few hours to the next day to process. Not common, but ts happened. I’d say give it a little while, then start worrying.

You’re right. And I expected as much. But it’s been more than a few hours since I made the attempt. I’ve been quite busy trying to resolve it on my own until coming to the forums. But I just now realized that I can’t buy ANYTHING from the MS Store. I was going to get Minecraft, but even its buy button is greyed out. Like, I can’t even try another transaction method.

Ya know… sometimes I honestly believe a greyed out button should just be replaced with a graphic of a middle finger.

I found the solution, and it relates to me asking what hidden steps was I missing. Without any direction or request to do so, I re-entered my billing address with paypal and Jago was unlocked immediately. I can also purchase Minecraft now. Sorry for wasting forum resources! :smile_cat:

It’s all good. Nothing wasted, you’d be surprised to find how common similar purchase issues come up. This thread may help someone else in the future. Glad it worked out for ya!