Achievements Not Showing Up (PC XBOX APP)

For some reason I am not getting my achievements. I am wondering if this is something KI can help with please. Thanks

Xbox Live is experiencing some kind of issue right now, that could be one reason you are having issues with the achievements not working…

Thank you. I will hold tight for now then

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no problem, it shows they’re are issues on 360, Xbox One & Windows 10 with Signing in; creating, managing, or recovering an account. Stuff like this will sometimes make it were achievements wont unlock right away, I know thats what happens on the One anyway, im assuming it would fall under the same for Windows 10 since you’re basically using the same type of thing…

xbox live has been having issues for about a month now, its rediculas, i’d be more pissed off if i’d actually had to pay for xbox live thankfully i’ve had 2 years free

I had a few achievements which didn’t immediately unlock last night on my X1, but after closing the game, playing something else for a little while to show the second game to my brother, and re-opening KI the achievements unlocked; they were displayed in the Achievements app as being “Completed! Unlocking…” but didn’t unlock until the game was reopened.

I’ve seen this before, with other games as well. It seems like a fairly minor “issue” most of the time, considering they seem to unlock on their own after a bit.

Yup it does that with many games, not just Killer Instinct… Ive it happen on GTA V, Halo 5, and so on…

I get my achievement unlocks fine when I play on XB1, but they haven’t been triggering on PC and I keep the Xbox app open. My friend got some while playing on PC so there’s some functionality there, but it doesn’t seem to be working reliably.

None of the achievements are working / unlocking for me either (PC Version), nor are the stats (combo breakers, ultras etc) under the achievements list working other than time played. Very annoying.

EDIT - It should also be worth noting that this is the only game I’m having trouble with achievements unlocking.

I’ve noticed that achievements can’t be unlocked
for me. I installed the game normal, but I did edit disable a lot of
Windows10 telemetry and blocked some MS domains in my host file,
multiplayer online works fine, but I’m just unable to unlock

Anyone know if there is a specific domain or telemetry setting that’s
required to unlock achievements? Or is this an unrelated bug?

CPU: AMD FX 8350
GPU: Nvidia GTX 760

Till now I am facing the same problem, no achievements.

none here at the moment