Achievements for Eagle?

Does anyone know if Eagle is going to have his own achievements? There have been no updates to the achievement list yet. Based on past new characters being added it is getting kind of late. Any official word?

I’d assume they would update those with the patch. But we’ll know in 11 hours

I think the only character who didn’t get a full set of achievements was Omen, so I’d say its safe to assume Eagle will too. I’d suggest we just be patient.

Saw an achievement pop during the stream, but now the patch is Downloading, I cannot see any new achievements

I have been playing for the last few mins with Eagle. No new achievements

When Keits was streaming, there was an achievement that popped up during his training mode session showing off what Eagle could do. The achievement was called “Air Support” which he got while showing off his instinct mode. However, at this moment, the new achievements aren’t showing up for me.

Sorry mentioned in a different thread we are working on getting them to show. Caught in a bottleneck somewhere.

Thanks! Looking forward to them going live!

Finally can get my 100% achievement score soon.

I’m going to wait to play him until this is sorted out, I leveled him up a few times and he seems okay but I’m not going to get screwed like I did with Sadira. Her “stylish” achievement was bugged for me back in the day and by the time they fixed it I had leveled her up so far that I wasn’t able to get a new color for her without grinding for a long while.

Yeah, that’s what I’m waiting on too.