Achievement helping topic

I would like to start a thread where we help each other with gaining some difficult achievements.

I only have the shadow Ruffian achievement left. So I would like to ask you guys to fight my Sadira shadow. In return I can help you get the same achievement or maybe help you with the friendley achievements. Or help out with collecting fight titles or help you prepare for the 50 ranks win.

So post your tag and which achievement you need help with and I will help out

I will make a list of all the gamertags so we can help each other out.

Shadow Ruffian:
Xtreme Henk

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Me too. Same situation here. I will help you with my Fulgore, i have 50 battles and need 100 to archievement.
Please help me guys!

Shadow Ruffian:

Allright I’ll ad you and we can fight each others shadows!

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Allright, thanks man! I will help you here, and the community too o/

I mostly need all of the online ones, beating 6 characters with most of the cast, ranked wins, etc.

Rex I added you as a friend last night. But I couldn’t find your shadow??

Crimson add me or send a message on xbl and I’ll help you out

Yeah i’m struggling with the Shadow Ruffian achievement. Stuck on 70 games :frowning:
GT: Hudson RL

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I challenge your sadira last night with my fulgore. On Shadow Lab count this o/

Artemis and Hudson, i challenge yours shadows tonight. Please challenge back XD

That’s weird, I went to fight Shadow in the survival mode thing and got like 20 different shadows to fight me, try this. Then there are some jerks who will fight your shadow over and over again for some reason.

I challenge your orchid everytime i jump onto KI too, ArtemisViiHawke /o/ Thanks for the suport too ^^

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My Wulf Shadow is stuck at 27 fights. Has been since Shadows launched. Come beat the crud out of it! :stuck_out_tongue: