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Just bought Killer Instinct last month, have been playing it a lot… I want also to have my brother playing it, and practicing so we can skirmish in person during the weekends, we live about 20km away from eachother.

Are there tips on how to setup a shared account? Is that possible on PC?

As far as I know on any windows 10 PC if you have an account on one PC everything purchased through the windows store will be accessable on another using the same account. So if you have an account and he logs in under that account on his PC he should be able to download and play KI.

Hm, I was expecting some sort of family sharing like steam… but that would already help a lot… thanks.

Now that…I don’t know about. You could always try.

One thing to keep in mind though is KI is technically a free to play game, so he could go ahead and download it and have access to the free rotating character and that way he could get a grasp of the basics.

Yeah, but this restricts access from the other user.

If “live” on the pc works like it does on the xbox, then only one person can use that live id at a time.

On the X1 you can only be signed in to one, and if you sign in on another X1, you get knocked off the first one. Although you can be signed in to a 360 and X1 at the same time.

On Xbox it works like this:

  1. Friend A and friend B swap login info.
  2. Friend A logs in as friend B on friend A’s console.
  3. Friend A sets friend B’s “home console” to Friend A’s console.
  4. Friend B does the same in steps 1 & 2.

This allows friends A & B to play each others digital games and DLC. However you can only log into a profile at one location at a time so each friend needs his own account. On PC I’m not sure if its possible to install someone’s content and use it when they’re offline, meaning either both people would have to buy the content or the person who owns it and is playing on a console would have to play under another account and access the content on his console while the remote player uses their primary account to play on PC… Its all complicated and verging on breaking TOS somewhere in there, I’m sure. Also don’t just give out your login info, that’s bad…

KI works the same on PC as it does on XB1 as far as logging in is concerned. In fact I’ve been kicked off of PC several times by my youngest son trying to play KI on XB1, which I currently still have auto sign-in enabled.

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I had to turn auto sign in off for the same reason. Also stopped the Kinnect from auto sign in also. Both of my kids have their own accounts and know not to use mine at all.