Accidentally released shadow lords early

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Prepare for the ban hammer my friend , RIP shellshock


lol. I get a ban for their flawed code writing? it’s easily accessible to anyone who plays the game. not my fault it’s theirs. and I’m not getting a ban cause they know I’m right.

Dude, first, choose your words better, you are just bad talking a product where people worked hard on + its free. Makes you sound like a bully.

Scondly, I like the mode, already put about 5 hours into it, so your opinion ,like mine, is entirely subjective, especially since you dont elaborate with facts.


Regardless your pretty screwed at this point . All you can do now is pray that keiths has mercy on your sole

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dude, they released the mode dude. I’m not sure what u don’t get about that.

Like eyedols jumping hp , im afraid you wont be missed

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hehe. I love my fellow humans :heart:️ even in disagreement.

Unless you make like a season 2 fulgore and change your ways , I can see you being banned for the same amount of time it took to make omen. God help your sole

really? I think TJ combo was the most reworked

Stating your opinion, no matter how harsh, isn’t ban worthy. Feedback is feedback. Shellshock has every right to feel this way. His tone is fine. He doesn’t like the writing. It’s not like he’s created a troll thread talking about p oo p, or how MS is ripping off everybody.

If you disagree, stop arguing about how he’s gonna get banned and instead tell him why you disagree.

No dev is going to ban you for not liking something they created. You WOULD get banned if you verbally attacked them, but Shell has not…

Also Shell… I miss our epic fights. :cry:

Its not that , people have been geeting forms and post taken off for talking about shadow lords. Its just a prank bro

Well the worse thing that could happen is Gargos portal punching Sellshock520. :smiley:

lol. Gargos is gonna teleport me to the astral plane and teleport punch my anus :wink:
ps. I miss you too :heart:

Seems moonlightninja left behind alot of followers. Well You will probably follow him soon.

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the hammer strikes quickly here. I obviously didn’t do anything ban worthy. moonlight was certainly passionate but please, I’m nowhere near that guy. u jealous I unlocked astral plane already or something?

Why can’t you come with constructive criticism, instead of “OMGZ GUIS DIS GAEM SUXX!!!”?

You’d be surprised how much better the conversation and discussion would be, if you took a different approach.


While I agree with you that he hasn’t done anything outside the forum rules (and I don’t know what idiot flagged his post) I disagree about this. He’s stated his opinion in the most inflammatory way possible - including vulgar language and flat out dishonesty (if he wouldn’t go near it how does he know what the dialogue is?). And then he ends his post with the classic Internet echo chamber call to arms “anyone agree with me?” Meaning, let’s see if I can amplify my outrageous opinion. I don’t think it’s okay to be that disrespectful of someone’s hard work, deliberately, just to cause trouble. And I don’t think arguing “he has the right to be an ■■■■■■■,” is ever a worthwhile thing to do.

@anon39655210 said it perfectly. There’s no constructive element whatsoever to his post so there’s nothing to discuss except his lack of manners.


ya it was constructive. the writing is terrible. if you told me my fulgore was trash I’d find ways to fix my game instead of crying about how you criticized me. nothing said was vulgar or directed at any one person.

my call to arms as you put it wasn’t meant to start a revolt, but merely to gauge others opinions on the matter.

honestly Andy, I’m tired of your comments about how people word crap. are you the civil police?

honestly I believe that you make a mountain out of a mole hill whenever someone voices and opinion and scream disrespect to cover up the fact these opinions could indeed be valid.

kinda reminds me of the Sony execs screaming sexist slanders and anyone not liking the new ghostbusters movie. see a similarity here?

Constructive criticism entails that you’ve offered feedback on how it could improve. Simply saying that something isn’t “good” isn’t offering constructive feedback.

What about the Shadow Lords dialogue do you not like? Why don’t you like the story telling in fighting games? How would you change it to make it better? What do you consider to be more valuable than this new mode?

Giving a reason to why you don’t like something and offering ideas for how to improve it will get you much farther than just saying you’d don’t like it.

On a slightly different note: Given the track record of this year’s AAA Hollywood Blockbusters, I don’t think it’s the B movies that should be used as comparison for something being bad. At least Sci-Fi Channel Orginals can be fun with alcohol and a few friends. :smirk: