Ok, so I have a simple question: How do you equip/use accessories that you unlock in KI? I have looked through every menu option that I can find and I can’t find anything to do with the Accessories, though I have unlocked a ton of them. Can someone give me some direction on that?


It should be under Store and then Fighters… I think.

When I look there, I only see the options to buy the fighters, which I already own. I do just have the basic versions of season 1 and 2 though, if that makes a difference.

You go to the STORE, Select Fighters, then select your fighter… then go to customize.

You should have a rotatable fighter 3D image and boxes to the right with accessories you can choose and equip. Us the right tab button to move to the each set and color

I must have missed the “Customize” option. I will check on that when I get home tonight! Thanks!

Welcome to Killer Instinct :smiley:

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I love the game! I have been playing for about 2 months now and I continue to enjoy it each day. My only regret is that I didn’t originally buy the ultimate pack with all the costumes. Now I am in the uncomfortable position that, if I want the costumes (and I do!), then I basically have to rebuy the game that I already purchased.

I keep hoping that they will release “costume pack” bundles.

Just bight the bullet and buy it all man! Or maybe you could ask JBaily if there is a way to purchase the accessory pack…worth a shot?

They haven’t added any new costumes in over a year, at least to the existing cast. I really hope this changes, they have no idea how much $$$ they would make from something like that. Look at a game like Smite that has a similiar free-to-play concept but you unlock Skins with real $$$… Smite does VERY well.

I found where I could add the accessories. Thanks guys!

I also regret buying a disc copy for the season 1 combo pack, because now I’d like to have the additional premium content from season 1 (i.e. the 2ndary costumes) and everything from season 2. You’d think with having a Gold membership, Microsoft or the devs would have a way to offer a price that only charges for what we don’t have.

I get it, for $60 I can have everything, but that’s a waste of $10 IMO ( the difference of what I do and do not have in price is $10 + $40 for Ultra Combo season 2 pack, so total $50 instead of $60). Well…I might just bite the bullet and uninstall the game and then just go buy the full digital Ultra Combo pack containing both seasons…of course, that’s what they want us to do.

Devs, any help, or are my only options to spend an extra $10 for everything, or just live without the extra content from season 1 since I already own the characters and don’t want to pay again?