Accenting Kim's moves with cherry blossom petals?

Especially of the Korean ‘King cherry’ variety?

Something to help provide a bit of visual flair. It would make for a nice visual effect, especially on her specials and Shadow moves. Good idea or no? @TempusChaoti

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Kinda like what they did with with maya uppercut with the birds? Cool. It would be a cool ultra ender

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Hmmm wasn’t it sorta like that with Orchid’s petals? :open_mouth:

Orchid used to have petals?

Orchid blasts out golden fire flower petals when she activates instinct.

This was brought up in the 2013 DH forums As a request for Kim’s insinct aura without response to what Kims instinct will appear or sound like

Now i believe instead of petals Kim Wu deserves a dragon blast


or chinese firecrackers :joy::joy::joy:

(Of course i’m TOTTALLY kidding on that one!)

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A potential Dragon Firecracker move: Yes
As part of her Snapdragon if she retains that move: Double yes
(Oh why not) As part of her Tornado Kicks: Triple yes
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