About what Keits said at the end of Eagle breakdown

I may be looking too deep into it, but he said something like “Steam version is coming soon, new players will join community, please welcome them”.

It may be a stretch but maybe is it a tease of crossplay with win10/xbox?

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windows 10 and xbox already have cross play

I think it’ll be a big mistake if its not cross play. I too took away from what Keits said as possible confirmation of cross play so fingers crossed.

As someone who’s majority an Xbox player and recently a windows 10 player. Could some one please explain to me how I would play some one from steam from my Xbox. I know Rocket League for example pairs you up against different systems but as far as I can tell there is no way to invite each other? It’s not like we will be sharing gamertags and the xbox live infrastructure.

They could have a sign-in ui at the start of the game, instead of going straight to the “Press button to start” screen. Then they just need to make sure it’s compatible with our current servers.

I think it more likely means there are going to simply be more people playing the game, meaning more people on the forums, more on twitter, more on Facebook pages, more players in every aspect of KI’s online community, and he was wanting us to help give them a warm welcome.

I don’t think it’d be too much of a stretch to think that Steam will have cross-play, but I don’t think that’s what he was referring to.

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I know one thing - crossplay between Steam/Win10/Xbox would have more impact than expected - KI would be first game with such expansive crossplay feature, theoretically 3 platforms.

It would greatly boost KI recognition.


I thought the same! His wording gave me the impression he wanted to say something but wasn’t allowed to and so he tried to play it cool


Hey I hope it does have cross-play. I just don’t think that was what he meant when he said to welcome all the new players.

So, RL runs its own servers, which is why it allows cross-play between players (but it still doesn’t let you invite players from another system to your party, so even RL’s cross-play has limits… you can only run into other players if you play against them online). KI’s entire server system is built off the Xbox Live architecture, so they do not run their own servers. I have no idea whether the systems will be cross-play or not, and I really hope they do, but I just wanted to point out that it’s not as simple as saying “other games do it, so KI should have no trouble.”


I don’t think that’s what he ment. The thing with fighting games and the fgc is that, unlike other genres, game communities as wholes aren’t divided by platforms. For example, whether you play Marvel on Xbox, Xbone, Ps3, ps4, or pc it doesn’t matter, they consider themselves all one community and so even if a new version were released on a different platform with no crossplay saying “please welcome new players joining our community” would be a normal thing to say.

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Maybe he’s just saying not to be a D*ck

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If it is or isn’t, I’ll be fine.

I was leaning towards the side that it shouldn’t be cross-play with Steam, but if it is, I’m glad. :slight_smile: