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Celldweller makes electronic music, at least what I’ve heard of it, but it’s good… at least in my opinion. Admittedly, I have never heard any of Atlas’ music though…

Well in previous seasons I really liked Jago’s music, Orchid and TJ’s are okay, Hisako’s is great, Thunder’s is amazing, Spinal’s is cool. The others aren’t very memorable for me… I should buy the soundtracks though, so I know wtf I’m talking about lol.

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My time has come…a Viking joins the roster


Could be closer to Aganos’s music, which I’d still call metal.

Please don’t change this theme too much. 90% accuracy to the original would be preferred.

You know that won’t happen. Haven’t happened with any of the other themes. However, they have drawn inspiration from the former themes and have even put some of the originals into the new themes.

“The examination of skeletons from different localities in Scandinavia reveals that the average height of the Vikings was a little less than that of today: men were about 5 ft 7-3/4 in. tall and women 5 ft 2-1/2 in. The most extensive recent anthropological study was carried out in Denmark, but the situation must have been similar elsewhere. Skeletons of people as tall as 6 ft 1/2 in. have been found, and those in richly furnished Viking graves - belonging to high- ranking people - were on average considerably taller than those in the more ordinary graves, undoubtedly because of better living conditions. A double grave on Langeland in Denmark contained two adult males, typically, the smaller one had been decapitated, and had probably had his hands tied behind his back, while the other was interred with his spear in the normal fashion - obviously a case of a slave (measuring 5 ft 7-1/4 in.) who had to accompany his master (5 ft 9-3/4 in.) in death. However, the skeleton found in Jelling church, thought to be that of King Gorm of Denmark (later known as Gorm the Old), was only of average height. This man was 5 ft 7-3/4 in. tall, with heavy, robust features, but not heavily built.” (Else Roesdahl, The Vikings, p. 31).

Allegededly, the explosion in height and size of Northern Europeans happened in the XX century, due to raising levels of life quality.

The massive height and weight of Vikings is a myth, like horned helmets.

Also this:

Also we know that by about 1066 (when the Vikings stopped raiding in Europe and focused on trading in Russia), a lot of Norse women were pretty darn good looking. This is because, for 300 years, the Vikings had been raiding the coasts of Europe and running off with all the good looking women, thereby piling up all those good-looking-babe genes into the Scandinavian gene pool (this is why blonds are often good looking).

lol rapists

I’ve never really been fond of Tusk’s theme. Barbarians/vikings/medieval warriors/etc without metal soundtracks are just wrong.

Tusk’s theme is heavily inspired by Conan the destroyer (Conan 2) theme

starts at 1:43

Thank you. I’ve known since childhood that Vikings were actually pretty short. I was always surrounded by people who insisted otherwise.
Tusk’s massive height was one of the reasons I was initially convinced he isn’t a Viking. Usually the Devs are accurate about such things.

Viking/Nordic still rubs me the wrong way with Tusk. Celtic would have been so much better IMO. They might have gotten his face closer to the mark if they weren’t trying to make him look so Viking.

Didn’t @TheKeits say #notaviking?

Well… He’s not a Viking in the same way that Kan Ra is not a mummy.

Technically he’s not, but his concept was heavily inspired by that trope.

Well actually Tusk looks and behaves for more like a Tattooed Celtic Beast-Warrior theres actually nothing viking about him. Just because he’s blonde and Native European dont make him a viking, not even close.

Tusk is 1000s of years old, Viking culture is only 1500yrs old. Tusk can literally be Ancestral to Celtic cultures and Nordic cultures. Tusk sounds like a Pleistocene name anyway, not a Early Medieval one.

Yeah… I just barely said he’s technically not a Viking.
But the Viking long boat, dead Vikings surrounded by Viking paraphernalia, Viking long houses in the distance - all make it pretty clear what culture they wanted the new Tusk to identify with.

The name Tusk is that of a fictional, pre-historic, Conan-esque barbarian. The character was given that name before he was ever an immortal Nordic warrior, and thus indicates nothing about which epoch he’s from.

Unless that’s your own subjective, pet justification for his name. In which case, sure, why not?

Can we all just skip to the part where we accept that the “barbarian” trope that Tusk was based on is ■■■■■■■ shallow and dumb?

The goddamn term “barbarian” is friggen shallow by definition, ffs: it’s a term slung around by elitist advanced cultures to refer to those of cultures they consider primitive, backward and unrefined. Given the lengths that MS, IG and even DH before them went to to give each character a proper origin story and bring out elaborate cultural and canonical nuances in each character’s visual design, how could you think that “barbarian” was going to cut it as source material for Tusk?


Yes, the term ‘barbarian’ is indeed quite vague… Unless it’s preceded by the adjective ‘Conan-esque’, at which point it becomes extremely specific, and in this case accurate.
You pointedly ignored a portion of what I said purely to flail around with indignation over something nobody is talking about.

Egh, it was more a broad response to the chorus of complaints from people demanding to know what happened to the old barbarian they remembered from their childhoods. It’s what everyone seems to be talking about, and I sniped a portion of what you were saying to address that crowd.

Also, I said shallow, not vague. The ‘Conan-esque’ barbarian trope is no less shallow.

I never saw this tag, so sorry for replying so late. I love Tusk. Love his design, and now I love his gameplay. I think they took another derivative character from old KI and made a cool modern version that is still appropriately derivative and just a bit campy, but not so ridiculous that you can’t take him seriously as a fighter. They kept his defining characteristics and have given him cool gameplay.

Yeah he is really cool! He doesnt play like the other characters and that’s a good thing! I see a lot of posts on here and Facebook saying he doesnt work right and they cant start a combo. He doesnt work like that… he is all about the normal’s , stagger, then openers into combo.

Man sorry I missed your invites lately… I had notifications turned off for a while now and didnt reallize half the time I had invites sitting in my menu! Then when I turn it back on and see one Im usually playing with my son and cant get on the head set like I want too.

Maybe Ill catch ya tonight or this weekend!