About the Ram Guardian

I feel like the Ram guardian input being the same as all normal breakers is a little unfair. I personally feel that players should have the choice of using the Ram or trying to break themselves. It’s a little annoying when I instinctually break an opener-ender with HP+HK then realize I spent a Psychic Breaker for no reason.

There’s two suggestions I have to change this:
-Leave the input the same, but if a player presses the right buttons for the breaker, a psychic breaker isn’t spent.
-Change the input for Psychic Breaker to LK+MK+HK.


I think the second option would be easier to code (don’t quote me on that though as I’m not one of the KI devs). I haven’t played with that guardian, but your suggestions make sense.

But LK-MK-HK arent natural button combinations to press on a controller…I would prefer the first option, because I would like a solution for the issue.


I agree.

If combo breaker input is correct > activate Combo Breaker.
If combo breaker input is not correct > activate Lockout.
If combo breaker input is not correct and active consumable=psychic breaker > activate Psychic Breaker.

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Here’s an idea. What if when you correctly input a combo breaker you get the announcement combo breaker. By if you have an active consumable and you execute a combo breaker using the consumable you get the announcement psychic breaker.

That doesn’t address the TC’s issue though. Plus, a Psychic Breaker is still a type of Combo Breaker, so I don’t think having all the announcers record that “Psy-psy-psy-psychic Breaker!” line is needed.

I’d prefer the first option.

Also did you guys know that you could break an ultra with it? :grinning: I’m sure that’s a bug but I pressed P+K when the yellow ultra flash appeared and broke out of it with my health unchanged.

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You’ve gotta be joking. Can’t wait to see what happens to that in multiplayer mode :smiley:

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