About the 3.9 buffs and Gargos position in the tier

Seeing lots of people complaining about buffing Gargos (like if he still that monster that he was in his release) but in the end, i think that the 2 buffs make a lot of sense.

The first Buff was about the chip damage on minions kill attack. The kill attack by itself is a reward that you gain if you manage to let the minions live enough to perform it. So it was kind pointless you get no reward for something like that if you opponent block. Very fair buff, that it will only situacionaly make a diference in the end.

The second was 20% more damage on medium psycho crusher, which again i think is very fair.
This attack is not a dp, or a reversal or have invencibility on wake up. Is more live an aerial punisher for jump attacks or attacks that let you negative on air after blocked (example: Sadira Heavy widow bite). Giving more power for this tool will not change dramatically some of Gargos playstyle or setups (like removing the hardknockdown after damage command grab)

In the end, considering that Rukari stated that they are happy with the balance of the game and that we probaly will not have more changes for Gargos at this point, my opinion is that Gargos its a solid mid tier now. Its far from being broken like it was during the first months but still has plenty of good tools and setups to keep causing trouble. Some winnable matchups and some very hard to deal with. I have dropped him in the last months but now i really feel going back with the character…


I wonder whether some of the people who dislike this particular change are misinterpreting it as being all attacks by the minions, as opposed to the kill command, though?

They probably are thinking that every single minion poke now causes 1 and 3 damage (which if it was the case it would really be scary lol).

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Yeah, that’s what I was getting at. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable mistake to make, but it’s definitely incorrect based on the patch notes.

As a Sadira main, I readily admit I’m not the biggest fan of this character, but all in all the changes made don’t really make him harder to fight, as nothing has really changed, save the damage of certain attacks.

I think this changes are fair.

The only other thing that I would like to see changed in the future is… removing him from the game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: kappa… :smiley:

Well, minions are technically projectiles, and projectiles deal chip.

Not all of them, for example Kilgore bullets.

He’s ok. He’s still going to have fairly easy counter picks to him…