About Kim's dragons

Firstly I want to say that I don’t like Kim, I’m not going to bash her though she’s just not for me. I wanted to make a suggestion that I think would make her a little better in the visual department. This post is PURELY COSMETIC and has to do with her Spinal skulls, I mean dragons.

I know Kim is early just like TJ and Kan-Ra were when they were revealed and I’m sure she’ll get some polish before the release of season 3 based on feedback just as they were but I just have to mention this now. I’ve been a little bothered by how Kim’s dragons orbit her body. They orbit her body in such a way that when she moves they look unnatural and defy momentum as they twirl and spin around her. It would look SO MUCH BETTER if they kind of lagged a little behind her and constantly followed her around the screen instead of just stiffly circling her torso regardless of her trajectory or movement.


I disagree. I like how they circle her - it’s almost like a ring of magical protection; anything gets near her and they’ll strike out in her defense. :wink:

It just looks fake as heck, they have no physics to them. It would looks much better if they just moved a little depending on how she moved around the stage. They look stiff and artificial the way they orbit her right now, even Spinal’s skulls move a little bit depending on how he moves, they lag a second behind when he changes directions before they follow yet they stick with him at all times. The dragons should do that, not just hover there like a diorama of the solar system flying around her head.

At first I thought they are of spiritual nature so they don’t need to follow physics, but then I remembered Spinal skulls are also from spiritual nature and they do have momentum.

I don’t know, they already make a mess on the screen when Kim has three of them, if they had momentum it would probably mean a back dash would occupy half the screen with them.

This is just one of those things I would have to look into the two versions to decide. If they stay as they are I’m fine thou.

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