About DP vulnerability

english is not my main language so ill do my best
its been a while since i play KI, so playing this 2 weeks i found that fulgore was nerfed really hard, not complainings in a lot of things i think, but something that bothers me is about making his H and M DP vulnerable in certain frames, im not an expert but it isnt supposed that a DF should be invulnerable?

im having a hard time punishing some characters on fulgore’s wake up, i know i can do light DP but it doesnt have the same range,

Which characters ate you having trouble punishing with light dp? Are they jumping over you? Is it Aganos with armor?
Anything else you can add? More info is better un order to help you.

to be honest the only thing that bothers me is the first frame vulnerability on H DP

aria’s flying shotgun (i dont know whats the name jeje), Tusk’s jump MP at certain distance, i know i can punish it with light DP but sometimes i just fail the hit beacuse it has less range and hits and then they punish me even when they were spamming, there are more possibilities to connect the H DP because it has more hits and a little more range but sometimes they hit me in the first vulnerable frame.

i can survive with L DP i think, but i dont find a reason why IG nerfed H DP, i mean DP its supposed to be invulnerable IMO, at least the first frames

No one does lol

Heavy do should still beat moves like tusks j.mp because of be the priority system. You might just have to be a few frames quicker on your input. And Arias air shotgun knee could never be dp’d even before because it’s a projectile hitbox that can’t be traded with.

i didnt know that arias air shotgun knee was a projectile, thanks for the info, anyway i was trying to find a reason why IG nerfed H DP, I dont find it OP, thanks anyway

The primary reason his multi hit DPs lost invulnerability was to reduce the effectiveness of his DP versus armoured targets.