Ability to change language + bad Russian localization

As far as I know, there are people on these forum, who complained about lacking of ability to change the in-game language, but I will do it again, because it had lack of attention. And it should be done somehow, because changing the game language by changing Windows system locale language may be absolutely unpractical.

About the localization I want to mention some points, because I am not sure where else I can say it, honestly. Unfortunately, even licensed Russian localizations are infamous for having really poor and weird text translations, which usually gives a feeling, that translators didn’t at least see the game at all. Unfortunately, KI is not an exception.
I would not even say, that most of the fonts just disappeared from the original and they were changed into some Arial-level fonts. Cyrillic script requires more effort on fonts, than any language with Latin alphabet. But anyway, I mentioned that.
I would not judge some strange, unnecessary localization of hit counter (instead of hits, it writes “уд.”, abbreviated from the word “удар”), but thanks a lot that move names and punches with kicks were not localized, it helps to check guides and other things.
But when it comes to story and character responses, everything goes not so good.
For example, pretty amusing and self-ironical line by Rash: “These cameos are killing me” changed into something like: “Эти малыши меня достали” (literally: “These kids pissed me off”). I just can’t understand, how it can be translated, especially the Russian language has enough words to determine the word cameo, there is even a word “камео”.
And for example, a Cinder’s story. Loading screen in the game shows something like this:

And in the Russian version, the whole point of the sentence was changed correctly overall, with the exception of “unpredictable liability”. It was changed into something “токсичные активы” (Toxic Assets), which is not fitting. How it was translated like that, but not something at least like “непредсказуемая помеха” I do not understand.

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Not to make light of your criticisms - but that’s kind of hilarious.

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