Aaron Wakamatsu the Spicochist

Aaron Wakamatsu is a Spicochist (in fact, he is the one AND only Spicochist on YouTube) and a YouTuber who is the host of his very own YouTube channel called “Aaron’s Food Adventures” where he basically AND primarily does reviews on various diverse hot peppers, hot sauces (including spicy salsas), spicy alcoholic beverages, and other spice/spicy-flavored foods (his specialties) along with the occasional reviews on different non-spicy foods and restaurants. Besides those, he also does food challenges on his channel particularly the hot, spicy food challenges while for the non-spicy food challenges he adds hot peppers and hot sauces and overall adds plenty of spices to his foods before he eats/consumes them. Overall Aaron Wakamatsu definitely, truly IS the Spicochist and at the same time he is absolutely a total, bona-fide, and (might I add) extreme CHILEHEAD :wink: :smile: :grin: :sunglasses: :thumbsup: :hot_pepper:

Now here are some videos of Aaron Wakamatsu the Spicochist doing these VERY things on his YouTube channel: