... AA plz?

3.9 & this character still has no viable AA that works across the entire cast consistently. I’m tired of reacting and whiffing or trading…

Eagle has a surfeit of options to take someone out of the air. If you’re getting jumped in on with him, then you’re either already on the back foot (and due for some pain for letting yourself get pressured in that way), or you’re just not great at anti-airing.


The debate wouldn’t necessarily be about whether or not he has a decent amount of AA options, but more so about how viable those options are. Side note: As I’m in labbing his AA options right now, I’m noticing that you have to do the right kind of AA; continent upon the spacing You really have to be comfortable with the ranges of this character. His AA isn’t like a universal mechanic like Jago, or Thunder for example. Will conclude this once once I’ve figured it out amongst the entire cast.

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Walk back + arrow shot?


It works within certain ranges, but it isn’t always viable because jumps are different across the cast. It’s sensitive to whiff. Eyedol’s jump, & Thunder’s jump are very different; so the back arrow works different. It’s hard to explain it. It’s something you have to see in game. I’m labbing it though.

maybe that’s how the characters are designed. you got to play around it, prevent situations like that from occuring.


True indeed, I feel so locked down sometimes with this character though. One knock down is all it takes. It’s scary lol

I mean, isn’t this true of every anti-air in the game?

Some characters have more favorable jump arcs than others, while some have better AA options than their peers. Don’t sweat it. Eagle has been out for just over a month. More practice will lead to more reliable defence.

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It’s supposed to be. Eagle has really good space control and keepaway in neutral, and is one of the most suffocating characters in the game in terms of setup potential. He’s supposed to feel it when he finally gets hit. Even his instinct is weaker because of this; it’s an intentional design decision.


You should pick ThrashHeavy’s brain if you ever come across him. Most any time i’ve run into him, he’s been running Eagle since his release and plays a pretty strong AA game now that charged arrows don’t ruin the game.

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I think your answer is already well answered, but I’d like to put my two cents in.

Characters are sometimes designed to have weaknesses so that they balance their strengths, obviously Eagle’s strength is his offense and space control. So while playing as him, you have to use all your tools to keep the opponent off of you. Once they get in however, your options are limited and sometimes you just have to take the mixup. “Classic blocking” some people call it. Some are better for AAing, Eagle is not that good for close combat AAs. Their more situational if anything.

If you want we could have a set, I always am up for going against another fellow Eagle.

This is Gospel. This is what I meant when I said his AA options weren’t really viable. I feel like everyone can freely jump up and down in front of him all day.

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Just to head back to this topic. Eagle has anti air options at all ranges. They are just slow.

Neutral jump pressure anti airs is down back heavy punch.

Far jump ins are back medium punch.

Close jump ins are back heavy punch.

These anti airs are not great when the opponent is close. You need to react actively. Eagle is a character that can completely Win by making great reads in neutral and making your opponent feel like they can’t do anything.

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Can’t almost any character play this way and get the same results, some easier then others but still, if anyone can read you like a book you’ll win the match easy peasy.

Basically if you feel like their gonna jump, the golden rule is use back HP. If you want to be real safe use the bird screech and protect your blindside. Also if you hit them with the arrow and juggle them with the screech, you can go for a flip out or juggle combo mixups and start your offense. I rarely use back MP for anti airs, but the best thing to do when people are on top of you is to either A: Classic blocking or B: Hope for the best with a bird crash


I see what you mean. I just recently started playing eagle and found success with these anti air maneuvers.

Back medium punch does more damage and allows for more juggle opportunity so i use it more. The Bird is good yoo but you also risk damage because it doesn’t hit right away.

What i meant by what i said is that eagles entire game revolves around annoying the opponent until they die by 100 mini hits. His playstyle at maximum is suppose to keep the opponent outaide their effective range. And i think he can do that to 90 plus % of the cast.

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I see what mean now and I agree 100%

Also the only thing the bird doesn’t protect against is YOLO moves and extremely good reads, so I feel pretty safe as long as I use it in a smart way.