AA options failing?

So, anyone else feeling c.HP and Medium embrace aren’t working up to pay?

I’ve had my c.HP beaten by jumping normals clean, mid active frames, against an opponent slightly below the top of their jump arc.

And the same goes for Medium embrace.

Now, the hitboxes and hurt boxes of these moves suggest they should be excellent AA options, yet, they’re getting beaten as if they’re not working according do the priority rules of the games.

How/why would a grounded heavy get beaten by a jumping heavy, mid active frames? And a special? They shouldn’t even trade, given air normals have - 1 priority value… Maybe these aren’t following the rules properly? Bug?

Later tonight I’ll test this thoroughly in the lab and record. Might be that some sort of rollback may have caused me to think I was in active frames, but instead was late to the punch on all of those occasions… But I kinda doubt it =S

When I was playing Mira her c.HP felt very much like Kim Wu’s to me (who I was playing before and have gone back too) which is not a great as a reliable aa as a lot seems to beat it as you described… Her air command grab you seemed to have to anticipate the jump in rather than react too (maybe just my poor reactions). So again not great unless you know that they are going to jump in.

On paper it seems as if she has great aa, as she can recap off gain life etc. But in reality I found it a little tough with her to nail it reliably.

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I too haven’t found her AA game to be the easiest thing to keep consistent - I’m pretty sure this is all my fault, but it bears investigation either way.

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She just lacks a good anti air. Her cr.hp has to be done late-ish because it doesn’t reach people at the top of their jump arcs, but by that point the hit box of whatever air normal they hit is going to hit you, so you have to time it differently depending on what button you think they’re gonna hit. And her medium grab has no invincibility so unless a character jumps in with something that has a small hit box you’re almost always going to get hit before your grab reaches them.

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Turn on hitboxes and replay these instances to see exactly what is happening. My suspicion is that her AA is probably like Kim Wu’s - pretty good, but perhaps a bit “off” in terms of timing relative to the rest of the cast. Kim’s AA is actually solid, but took a bit of time to used to. Mira’s may be the same way.


Yeah, seems to be exactly this, coupled with a strange hurtbox.

Well, it’s definitely working properly, so ignore my idea of any possible bug.

Just tested this properly. I was using c.HP with about the same timing I use for Wulf’s c.HK, but Mira’s c.HP is actually a bit faster. What was probably happening is that I was inputting too early, and was getting hit out of my recovery frames. The active frames for the move were already done, and the hurtbox was still extended because her arm is sticking out in the air. I managed to recreate this exact same thing in training a couple of times.

c.HP actually seems to be a very reliable AA, it even works perfectly to stop neutral jumps right in our face, while it seemed to be good mostly to punish mid/long range jump ins. It just needs some getting used to the timing because it’s actually faster than it looks. I blame the animation for this feeling. Her arm has the hitbox and active frames, not the blood that trails it!

Medium embrace will also stop any jump in as long as you don’t delay it too much. Mira’s hurtbox is reduced to below the waist, so what we need to take into account when using this is that our active frames must become active before our reduced hurtbox reaches the hitbox of our opponent’s jumping attack. Even with the reduced hurtbox, if we delay too much, we’ll get hit out of the move because the active frames for our grab only begin shortly after she lunges upwards.

So, TLDR: just grind it out. Both c.HP and medium embrace are very reliable AA options, we just need to get used to the timing correctly.