A workaround solution for PC players wanting all characters offline (requires brief mobile data connection)

So as I and apparently many others haven’t got a single word from the @developers on this topic (which is a bit disappointing), I basically found a workaround solution to get characters offline.

Unfortunately, it’s to simply tether an internet connection when you startup KI (while it’s “checking downloadable content”). Once you connect and confirm that your characters are there, you can then disconnect immediately and enjoy offline use. If you need to reboot KI, just tether back up.

It’s clearly a workaround but until a better solution is there. At least I have a way to play KI on the laptop, just about anywhere (… that there’s a cell phone signal lol).

I use Easy Tether Pro for Android, and although it’a $10 app, it’s worked like a charm for some years now.

Hope this helps some folks!

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To the @developers - If you all have anything to say about this issue, please let us know! We all love this amazing game, and want to be able to share it with others … offline, if possible! Please shed light on this! Thanks! :slight_smile:


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Uh? Was this a problem? My friend just brings his laptop to the bar (where there’s no wifi) and all the characters are there and we play just fine.

It has absolutely been a problem. Did you buy KI on PC or Xbone first? I think particularly for those that bought it on Xbone first, only the rotating character and Jago show up offline.

The crazy part. I really don’t care if I need to shell out another $40 bucks to play KI on PC offline, but I can’t seem to have the option to buy it in the microsoft store because it says I already own it!

Lucky you DEClimax! Must be nice! I’m not jealous or anything … :cry: I’ll just tether for now.

Ahhh, I do remember hearing about that now that you mention it, I forgot about it since it’d been so long since it’d been brought up.

Right! And man, does it suck, when you’re trying to introduce folks to KI and for whatever reason there’s no internet connection! … yeah, not a good look. But at least tethering is workaround for now.

I am glad you can enjoy offline completely. Did you buy KI on PC first or Xbone first?

I play on both my Xbox and PC but my PC is a desktop and is always online, so I haven’t experienced this myself.

One thing I would recommend is looking to see if there are “dlcs” or updates which need to be installed for KI - I know for certain that on the Xbox every character shows up as something to install separately, even if you have the Season installed. I believe if only the Season is installed the system looks online (I assume during the “checking DLC privileges” splash screen) to give you access to the characters, but if you’re offline the characters are unavailable.

In order to make them available offline, you have to install the individual characters.

This might not be applicable to PC (and as I said, I’ve never looked) but it can’t hurt to check for it.

yeah, this isn’t the case for PC. you can’t install anything separately. you just download the game and that’s it.

I’ll give this a shot next time I run into this situation, thanks.

@xSkeletalx I appreciate the suggestion, but like @Sp00kyFox said, this doesn’t seem applicable to the PC version.

@TrustfulWhale I hope it helps!

You don’t need an app, paid or free, to use your Android phone as a tether. It’s a bit buried on the menus, but the option is there.
We had a tourney once in a warehouse with no wi-fi and I tethered my phone for 10 minutes so all Xbox’s could pass the DLC checks. Once that was done we were up and running and they didn’t need Internet connection any longer.

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Nice! Currently, I use that app I mentioned and it (at least to my knowlege) only works on PC. I assume you setup a mobile wifi hotspot to tether to the Xbox’s. Is that the case? And did your cell phone carrier charge your for tethering?

Yes, I setup a mobile wifi hotspot. The DLC checks are low bandwidth anyway. My carrier doesn’t charge me for setting that up, only for the actual downloads.

I appreciate this suggestion, however for me as of late, I have still been unable to install any of the content the disc originally contains on the Xbox version.

The Xbox keeps alerting that the disc is well in the system, (Showing the KI DE Icon on the Xbox Home)

yet when trying to launch, it doesn’t seem to recognize anything, despite earlier in November I’ve never had this problem. (35 items are supposed to be under “Ready to install”)