A weird strategy

Ok so i’ve been playing KI for two months my main is TJ Combo and i wanted to make a topic of this that there’s one weird fighting startegy that so many people i fought uses.

Their fighting style goes like this: you’re jumping to the corner and if your Jago or Shadow Jago you spam fireballs you wait for the opponent to come over to you and start beating them and immediatley after your done jump to the other side of the corner and do it all over again.

If you have seen this or do this yourself please comment on why is this a usual strategy with many people.

For me this is a pretty unfair & annoying way to fight someone who does this.

There are plenty of ways around this, especially with TJ.
For fireballs, the roll foes right through them. If your opponent tries to jump away, tremor travels and has a massive hitbox.

People who aren’t very good players use this strategy because they either don’t yet understand how to play Shadow Jago, or they’re simply using what they think works (and at low levels of play, it does), or both. It’s really not all that effective though, as almost every character has an answer for zoning, such as a projectile-invulnerable move.

The way good players use Shadow Jago, is not only from his zoning game, but also his crazy teleport mixups, use of his surge ability, his recapture kick into stagger, and of course the juggles off of that and his throw.

It’s common because it’s fairly easy to do, and relatively effective at lower levels. The goal is basically to annoy you into approaching in unsafe ways that can then be punished.

TJ has pretty solid answers for this kind of pressure. Roll will blow through the lower projectiles, but be on the lookout for people trying to catch your recovery with windkick or slide. Powerline will also blow through fireballs when done at the right ranges, as the hit of armor will let you soak the hit and still deck the guy in the face :smiling_imp:

Yeah i’ve been on a match with couple of Shadow Jago’s who just keep doing crazy teleports that i couldn’t keep up with them.

Thanks for the advice man i appreciate it :blush:

Well, they’re giving you the corner, and then you’re doing something rash out of frustration as soon as you catch up to pounce on them and they’re using it as an opportunity to jump over you, I guess. The answer is probably just to be patient, bulldog (i.e. move forward, block) your way forward through the fireball spam, and then laugh at them as you abuse the corner advantage. If someone tries this strategy in the Jago mirror then they’re probably just going to end up cornered and blocking a lot of HP xx fireball into overhead and other unpleasant stuff, and eating a DP if they try to jump out. As for Shago, I guess he can get out more easily, but he still has to take a risk (story of Shago’s life, really), and most characters can probably keep him grounded with normal pressure anyway, so being in that corner is still unpleasant.

On the other hand, if you’re TJ and I’m Jago, I’m rarely if ever going to throw fireballs at you in the first place. You’ve got two options – powerline and tumble, hell maybe a third given how quickly flying knee crosses the screen – which completely wreck a Jago trying to zone out a TJ, and you can also knock me down with the blast wave off tremor from a screen away. Basically, TJ more-or-less wins the neutral game against Jago and just has to worry if he gets put on his back by a DP or something.

The best strat that I know is to slowly move towards them. Don’t try to jump in to start a combo. If possible bait them to try and strike you. As you are prepared for the offending DP, Wind Kick, or Slide, you can set them up for a counter.

The best thing though is to be patient and not become frustrated. Take your time and let them hang themselves.

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