A way to gain insitnct?

So, I’ve been thinking…about her instinct. I wonder…would it be too much to ask for another way for her to gain instinct like gargos or jago?

Gargos uses shadow meter (minion devour), and jago uses his combo trait. And assists that take damage don’t fill up the instinct gauge.

So…anyone have any ideas? I was thinking something to do with perhaps her body switch ender? Or perhaps something to tie in with shadow meter.

Something so she can’t easily spam to get it but not something that is too far fetched to use.

What about something like gain instinct after switch your body three times? But only in neutral.

Maybe, it’s something. I’m looking for ideas.

In my opinion, yes it would. I’m also not a fan of Jago gaining instinct this way, mind you, but Aria doesn’t need it either. When she’s in instinct she’s one of the best characters in the game, period, able to cancel normals into projectiles that lock you down into essentially infinite pressure until you get opened up. There shouldn’t be a way to speed up that process for her.

An interesting idea, but don’t forget that all Aria assists can actually be used to make safe body switches a possibility. You don’t see it very often because most Aria players like to use the assists purely for pressure, but the option is very much there. A blade body call is essentially a wall in front of any projectile-less character, and boost and bass assists do a great job of pushing the opponent away and locking them down respectively. Aria can actually switch bodies pretty safely if she’s mid-range or further in neutral.

Problem is though taking assist damage yields her no instinct. Plus I want to be able to take full advantage of her instinct cancel like gargos can.

You have to be fairly far from someone to safely switch (unless of course you have new tech), manually. It’s 71 frames total. 49 frames of I-frames. 22 punishable recovery frames. AND her collision hitbox is still there. Alot of shadow moves can punish the switch fairly easily a certain ranges. Basically put, anything you have to be out of heavy SB to be kinda safe switch without assists backing you. Even then, there are still some moves that can punish you freely after a assist block switch.

She is also the only character in the game who in theory that cannot get an instinct if two bodies are destroyed via assits.

Every character in the game can only get a single instinct if they mismanage their health and instinct activation. If you fail to get even a single instinct as Aria, then that’s entirely on you as a player. You could literally stand still and do nothing and have a better result than that.

Hence why I said in theory. Not in actual practice.

I’ll admit the idea of having her assists give her instinct when they get hit makes sense.



What if her instinct was a reactor meter like Fulgore’s? But the charge takes a very long time, and you can speed it up (“Charge” it) by using assists and body-switching. The drawback would, of course, be that taking damage does not fill your instinct.

I don’t think that she needs anything like that.

Though I would like to see people switching bodies more often.

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Either that or at the very least assists build instinct like normal damage taking. Because she is still technically taking damage.