A ventriloquist character

Like in “Magic” the movie, think of a man being dominated by his own puppet. An evil puppet of course, evil looking like the dead silence one. Multiple possibilities. A special might be the ventriloquist an the puppet attacking at the same time. Switch character, now the man now the puppet. Could be treat as the aria´s drones.

Other possibility is just an evil puppet itself. but not funny like chucky. must be dark, creepy

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That…is interesting.

But it’s KI, so why the heck not!?

So something like Devo the Curse from Jojo, Relius, Carl, and Cecilia from Blazblue?

Why not just a Bluedragon character since they manipulate shadows like a ventriloquist. Plus MS owns the BD IP so it could be a guest character.

Big fan of Relius here, a puppeteer it’s definitely something I would love to see.

Surely it would be a heavy mixup character, maybe giving the puppet a lot of tools(good pokes, mobility, reversals) and negating all of them for the puppeteer, forcing him/her to run away and use the puppet as defensive tool.

I like the idea of person and puppet switch like aria’with drone switching. I have two ideas about this: one is it may be better if the puppeteer was only an assist for the puppet or the other way around; two is why not make it a possessed puppet by the ventriloquist.

Does this put KI in skull girls and Jojo game territory?

This is a fresh approach to gameplay. I do like the blazblue and guilty gear characters with separate beings supplying hits. And I just thought of ferra/ torr

H ell just make a tag team mode like MKX or mvc3 have glacius set up a mean manual and switch to jago to finish off with a nasty fireball


How about the puppet being a mimicry character as well? It can copy special moves from the opponent.

No mimic characters

A Demonic parasite that drills its worm like appendiges into it victims brain stem seizing control over the body.

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