A temporary solution for matchmaking problems

If after one Ranked match matchmaking no longer works, go to main menu and then return to ranked and it should work. At least that’s what helping me.


I can’t find matches neither X1 or Steam. But what bothers me the most is not even being able to play exhibition.


I miss seeing you. :crying_cat_face:

The only Sabres I run into have been lousy and one in particular always sends me hate mail. I’d block him, but he’s fun to troll. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Anyone still having this issue? I just bought the game off the windows store and cannot even get a qualifing match. Is this game’s online dead or are their issues? It just sits on the searching screen forever.

There some pretty bad server issues going on right now.

Aww, you are always so nice :blush:

I presume most Wulfs don’t like that MU. Too much jumping. It’s like chasing a bird inside a big cage. But one bird that can actually hurt you,lol.

I have faced so many and deadly Sadiras that I’m kind of inmune to the salt, heh :grin:

It’s good you keep them entertained. The puppies need to learn! :joy:

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