A special gift for hitting 6 million users in KI

In celebration for hitting 6 million users in Killer Instinct. i’m making a special video! I’ll be posting a preview for it tomorrow i just need to record my voice for it and we’ll be good that or i’ll need to find someone to do it.

i’ll give you guys some hints though

  1. it is a compilation video
  2. it is not a top 10
  3. it is dedicated to a certain subject around the forums.
  4. there might be some salt
  5. alot of people will be referenced
  6. it does not talk about buffs or nerfs
  7. …soup?

Interesting. … Can we know more please :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Soup lots of soup
  2. A special guest
  3. I have the power

here you go a small preview of what’s too come


XD is it done yet?

my poor laptop died while editing i had to start over. I’m hoping people can help and make basically a short compilation

i honestly got really frustrated so it’s more or less a side project