A solid Practice regime with Thunder?

I’m a Thunder main and I’m fairly new to KI and I’m asking if there are any other Thunder mains that have a practice regime they go by ?

Maybe its just execution practice, I’m just looking for a bit of advice.

Thanks Guys

I haven’t played with him for some time, but Thunder was my 1st main character. The biggest thing I find with Thunder is that you need to learn how to properly manage his spacing. He’s dangerous up close, but he can play a real mean footsie game from about sweep distance, since a lot of his attacks have incredible reach that exceeds that of most other characters in the game (exceptions include Aganos and Kan-Ra) - use that to your advantage. For example, you can use his standing far HK or ankle slice special moves to avoid many low attacks because they both offer advantages against them.

Try and watch how the pros do specific tactics and emulate that in practice mode. One of the biggest things I think that’ll help you with learning thunder is by watching guys like guttermagic, rico sauve, ITA MASTER, etc. Fight. Besides that, try and learn how thunders footies work. From a distance he has almost nothing to get significant damage. However up close thunder is a NIGHTMARE for rushdown/up close characters (sabrewulf, tj combo,spinal with little resources). I think thunder is a very good character but very advanced. Making good reads provides you with mix ups on your opponent and option selects are favorable on knockdown.

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I’d like a way to practice with Season 3 Thunder. I was on top of him for a lot of Season 1 but as soon as Fulgore came out I neglected him. Anyone have any cool flipout or juggle combos that can cash out at the end? I usually play zoners who don’t juggle that way so it confuses me a bit.

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