A Simple way to help balance Arbiters grenade vortex from being so crazy?

Only allow him 1 grenade that recharges (maybe reduce the recharge speed if thats still too fast). I think this could make arbiter’s have to play a less linear gameplan overall or at least make him less oppressive offensively as I feel he was meant to play more footsies. If you guys have any other ideas on the matter discuss them here.

You feel? Um ok. Arbiter is still balanced currently though. What buff would you give him to compensate.

Idk if he would need a buff right now, I honestly believe he would still be insanely solid it would simply force arbiter players to deviate from such a linear gameplan forcing them to use their other less used tools more.

Only thing to change about the grenades is longer recharge time, which was already announced to change, even if by a small difference. Let’s see how it plays out.

What really needed to change was the excessive damage on his carbine shots and on his dmg ender, and it was already announced to be nerfed by about 25%, so it should be fine now.

Other than that, I don’t feel arby needs any other changes. He’s perfectly fine as he is. Great tools, but limited in use, very good damage but very poor options to open opponents up until he actually begins setplay and only using the limited resources, very good range and normals but piss poor movement options, good reversal options but only using resources and they only help him escape pressure, they don’t really help him actually win (unlike proper DP’s that do a tone of dmg).

Yeah he should be fine after the next patch. I think wait and see before making any more suggestions.