A request for the well being of the forums

OK, just a small quality of life thing, but can there be a spot on our profiles where we list our preferred pronouns. I know its not on purpose, but it is a little frustrating constantly being refereed to as a male on the forums (man, dude, etc.) when I am in fact a girl. I shouldn’t have to infer my gender in my style of writing.

You already can add information to your profile.

While you are signed in, just click on your user icon on the top right corner of the screen, then click the gear icon. After that, click “Profile” and there should be an “about me” section. There, you can type out a description of yourself, or whatever else. You can also pick a user card background, and a profile background to make your profile more epic and cool for the win. The first little bit of what you typed as well as your user card background will show up if someone clicks your Icon/name.

Oh. Thank you. Sorry. Guess I had a dumb moment

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I don’t think anyone expects that, but they really can’t tell from your gamertag. Just tell people what you want to be called and that should solve any problems.

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thank you. I fixed it. Like I said, i didn’t know it was a thing on the profiles. I guess I didn’t look hard enough or something. Hey, I’m blonde and American, what can you do. Wish I new how to change my gamer tag. Mine was automatically generated for me during the 360 era and I have no idea how to change it.

Should be able to go to your profile on Xbox, select “Customize profile”, and click on your profile name to change it.

You can change the tag, but I know for a while they were charging $10 to do it. I’m not fond of my tag either (people seem to get the wrong impression) but I don’t feel like learning a new one.

As far as the profiles though, I never read them. So I wouldn’t know to refer to you as “she” unless you told me. But now I know, so that’s good.

As a tack-on to @TheNinjaOstrich’s post, I think the first gamertag account name change is free! I know it’s free when it’s first created, but you may find it’s still free if you try and change it now.

I certainly understand the frustration with being referred to incorrectly, but as of now the gamertag, picture, profile, and ouright mentioning that you’re female are the only ways to put that information out there on the forums.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to misinterpret gamertags and profile pictures, and as Andy said, some people may not check a profile, either. We have a few other female forum goers who I only know are female because they mentioned it in a thread, for example!

I hope you’ll be more properly recognized going forward, sorry I don’t have a better solution to offer you!