A Reminder that Omen's Demonic Despair is Invincible on Start Up


Another reminder as to why I love omen.

Ps: shadow demons ftw woo!!!


I love that move, I’ve been catching a lot of people with it except I never instinct cancel to do it. I always forget that it’ll make my life that much easier.

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I never thought of this. Good trick.

Rash Big Boot > Omen Demonic Despair

I honestly don’t think Gutter was close enough for it.

Maybe, but I tested it out afterward and it does work, big boot simply has enough invincibility to outlast it.

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Yep. I imagine that if you do any DP just before Demonic Despair’s strike, it’ll have enough i-frames to punish it.

Its is kinda risky though, you have to react extremely quickly to it.

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Since you say you have to react quickly to it, do you think it’s very likely that ppl have a reversal? (depending on the character).

oh yea,

If you can see the Demonic Despair coming, you would jump. Timing a shadow DP is VERY risky. I wouldn’t advise it.

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