A question for the devs about ultimates

I like the ultimates being cinematic in this KI, I think it’s very unique. The ultimates/no mercies in the old games used to be non-cinematic like the ultras are in this game. Did you ever consider taking this path in making the ultimates flow onward like the ultras do or did cinematic ultimates seem like the better choice and why?





They probably only followed the standard that DH had set with Shadow Jagos. If DH’s boss Shago didnt have a cinematic Ultimate…well things might have been different?


I recall another comment or thread talking about that and honestly you have to blame Shadow Jago for that. Due to his cinematic ult, it set the bar of how ultimates should look like in a lot of people’s eyes. So it makes sense the other characters ult would have to be the same way for the sake of consistency.

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Was it one of the devs who said that?

No. I mainly base this off the reactions people had over Shago’s ult. Long story short they were very impressed. So it make sense they wouldn’t want other characters to have anything less than similar treatment.

I agree. I’m sure it was to keep it just as cinematic as Shadow Jago’s, which is why they are like that.

Yeah its pretty much shadow jagos fault from the start to end.

I like the cinimatic finishers better cause it really gives ya feel of what’s going on. If Ultras were more cinimatic in this KI, I wouldn’t be as bored with them as they are now.

I wonder if they are going to reintroduce Orchids original KI flash/frog stomp again. First one I understand why it’s inappropriate, but the frog stomp was hella funny.