A Question for Cinder mains

Let me get this straight, the new changes to Cinder is going to stop the Fireflash spam? As with most characters with a DP, I try to bait the DPs, because generally the character becomes negative after a dp and is unsafe and open for an attack, not so with Cinder.

I recently lost to a Cinder you caught me in a corner and did 4 dps in a row. During the 5th one I tried to use a normal and got beat.

If I’m reading the changes correctly, if I successfully bait a dp, I will be able to attack Cinder (providing I also successfully avoid the scorched up variant… right?

I’m not a cinder main, but I got him to level 50 playing ranked matches. I don’t have the season2 patch notes in front of me but I assure you that you can punish his fire flash as it is. What character are you using and what button are you trying to hit him with?

Currently fired up DP is -3 on block, so unpunishable by most of the cast. There is a medium-sized gap between the DP itself and the pillar, though. Lots of characters can get a full grounded combo by doing a character-specific thing here. Everyone can mash jab and hit him out of the air, though this isn’t a particularly good punish. Either way, the timing is strict and if you mess up, you get hit by the pillar.

In Season 3, fired up DP (the pillar part) will be -6 on block, straight up, so everyone will just get to punish with jab xx opener without any extra tricks.

If you’re trying to figure out S2 Cinder for the next few weeks, if he’s in instinct and you know he’s going to do two DPs in a row, just block the first one and get ready to do something good the second time you block it. It’s a pretty easy punish if you have 1 second to think about it, it becomes harder when you have to punish a random one that comes out of nowhere in the middle of a game.

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Also can be shadow countered, long as we’re mentioning punishes.


Some didn’t punish in S2

that’s why i included the Season 3 bit.

Yeah but IMO if you can shadow counter it on reaction, you can also wait and punish with low short xx shadow move for more damage. Maybe some times you’ll be out of range for low short and want to shadow counter though, I’m not sure.

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You’ve got a point, I was simply adding a choice he has in punishing and yea its not the optimal thing to do.

I should ask the same with Sadria’s up coming pogo-stick shenanigans :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think many folks will be able to get too far away from it by dashing alone. and not many DPs are gonna be executed if she ever gets that close.

On topic:

As a Cinder main, I’m honestly not bothered by the Fire-Flash nerf as much as I am that certain matchups like mr iceman are going to be a lot harder. I might be slightly bummed out because I won’t be able to do my trailblazer follow-ups or probably have less juggle potential but for the most part it’s really not gonna bug me as much as it would someone else.

By the way, you do know can BREAK the DP juggles right?

they are basically manuals. My brother breaks em’ all the time. So it’s not like they are unbreakable. Regaurdless

[quote=“JEFFRON27, post:9, topic:5637, full:true”]
By the way, you do know can BREAK the DP juggles right?[/quote]
It’s based on the arc of the flip. The wider the arc, the stronger the button.

which means it should be simple to break.

The Fire Flash version I can honestly deal with, its the regular DP that I seem to have issues with. I will bait a Cinder into doing the DP and then they are immediately about to perform the DP again without any recovery. I had one Cinder wiff a DP 4 times in a row.

It’s fast, but it doesn’t have immediate recovery. Maybe just try getting in there earlier…

I use Sadira… I’ve tried light jabs… light kicks… I’ve tried medium ranged pokes… I’ve tried shadow attacks, both Demon Blade and Recluse… and yet everything gets stuffed.

The non-fired up DP (ie, the one without the pillar) has horrible recovery, just as much as any other fierce DP in the game. He’s probably something like -40 on block there.

In real matches, it’s hard to punish sometimes because you aren’t really sure if he’s fired up or not, so sometimes you hesitate, expecting the pillar but it never comes. But if you’re just trying it in training mode, it’s a super trivial punish.

Have you tried just mashing out f.HK? Because you’re doing something wrong if those aren’t working.

pretty much agree with you on this. It’s a matter of visual practice if that is the problem that Web has here.

I agree, but just to be sure

you should demonstrate to help drive the point home : >