A question about Windows Store and KI

I would like to know from somebody a couple of things related to Windows Store. Seen I have a slow connection (2mbps), I guess it would require a lot of hours for me to download Killer Instinct. Considering I can’t keep the PC opened for 30+ hours, I ask therefore:

  1. Does Windows Store have a resume system like Steam? In Steam, if I shut down the PC while a game is downloading, once I open it again the download will resume from where it was. Example: if I shut down Steam and PC while Dota was at 30% of its download, when I’ll open it again Dota will be start from 30%. So I would like to know if Windows Store has a similar thing.

  2. I noticed it requires Windows Build 1511. I also heard and read that this build is quite a mess to get via normal update and many people had to use an ISO in order to get it. So my question is: if you own a previous version, would the game start equally but with some problems or simply won’t start at all? Just to know if I have to call a technician tomorrow in order to get the upgrade.

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Hope you get the situation resolved.


Will you even be able to load the title screen?

Good Luck

Considering I can play every game online without problems, yes. However I need to know an answer related to my question, thanks

You might want to use your search engine

This is related to applications, not properly for the windows store download.

Wrong search engine, I suppose.