A question about Season 3 Survival (and the music therein)

So I just had a thought: While all of the Season 3 characters are going to get their own music, only 3 out of the 8 of them will be getting a stage. Normally this is the part where I’d just say "hey, just do the stage select thing, right?"
Well, there’s a bit of an issue in one (possibly 2) of the game modes in game; Survival Mode (and also S1 Arcade)
See, in Survival, you fight through the whole cast on their home turf. However, since 5 of the S3 characters have no home stage (Rash and Mira included as of now) it raises the issue of whether you’ll get to hear that character’s theme like the rest of the cast.

So @developers , I’m wondering if there’s a way that Season 3 characters can have their theme be automatically selected to play in Survival? That way, each character’s music will be heard, and it keeps survival more interesting.

I was wondering the same thing, but for online instead of survival

They will probably add an option to hear the theme of your opponent, kind of like SFV does where online you hear your opponents theme but in an offline 1v1, you hear the stage theme instead. If its not there on launch, it will no doubt come with a future update.

Don’t Survival matches play the opponent’s theme? or did it work by stage?

Before, when everyone had their own stage, it was a non-issue. It just stuck them on their home stage.
Now that there will be a solid chunk without their own stage, I’m curious how it will work. I know versus lets you select a theme, so I hope survival does each character justice music wise.

True but if it was programmed to be selected according to character, then there would only be the issue of which stages they get during the ladder because their theme would play anyway.

That’s what I’m wondering. Currently it’s set to character+stage, I’m curious if in S3 it would be set to character+music for the characters who won’t have stages.

I’m thinking they’ll be set to a particular stage (Rash on Kan-Ra’s for example) with the character theme. Guess we’ll find out Tuesday

It’s an interesting question, but I don’t have a theory as to how it might work yet.

Well SJ and Omen both share the shadow lair stage. Or maybe they won’t show up in survival. Or Maybe (at least for RASH) I can see his stage being either kan ra’s or ARIA’s. Because you know…magic, technology and the like.

Rash showed up in survival when he was in beta. It was jagos stage.
But as the devs have said the others have pre determined stages. Eg: rashs is kan ras.
Now will mira be maya or sabrewulf??
Still want stage variations, like mayas at night.

I bank on maya’s for mira. Sisters and all.

While we’re talking survival, I realised the announcer doesn’t say your opponent’s name anymore on the ladder screen.
That would be a nice little thing to bring back.


Yeah. I loved that.
Or says versus whoever

Where’d you come up with that idea? Rash is on kan’s stage due to portals and such, mira is on maya’s stage due to siblings.

Yeah, I know. Not a very good one though.

You’re right, I wasn’t really trying. Deleted mine, back on topic.

Rash in Survival still has Kan-Ra’s music, hope this can be changed in a future update.

Personally, while I know he’s on Kam-Ra’s stage because portals, I think his stage should be random. He is, after all, crashing this party.


Indeed… It’s kinda disappointing that Rash doesn’t get to rock his theme when we do battle with him. :frowning:

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Yeah I thought it was a bug and put it in the bug thread. But then I thought about it and realised it’s been left at default. So unless they set it to character on survival were never gonna hear 5 of the new characters themes.