A proper Arcade mode for Season 2/3 Characters

Anyone notice that only the Season 1 characters have a proper arcade mode??

Can we get season 2/3 characters to go through a ladder and then fight shadow jago?


Well this was done by design. Iron Galaxy wanted to give the characters a dedicated story while double helix just used an arcade mode. Is not like they abandoned arcade mode. This is what they put in place of it. If like to have season 1 more like season 2 to be honest.

Yep, I say a prayer every morning when I wake up and every night before I fall asleep, hoping to get a proper arcade mode for all characters (shago and omen included).

I would also want this as it wouldn’t make the game inconsistent anymore with few characters having arcade and the others a story mode.


Yes please! @developers

This seems like a great long term goal, IMO. Get S2/3 characters a Season1 style arcade mode with different bosses and endings and such, and give Season 1 more of a Season 2 style story mode.
I’d love to see that.

I’m just hoping they streamline the story / arcade modes for every character by season 3’s end. Sucks that some have one story mode and others have a completely different one.

I’d be game for a regular arcade mode with cutscenes before fighting key characters, like Street Fighter 4, Tekken 5, etc… or even if it’s just an ending like MKX’s ladder. The art in those looks great.

I agree. I get tired of playing vs cpu and survival every time I play KI

I can understand trying to add more story to the game but a arcade mode for every character is a must. If story mode for season 3 ended up being unsuccessful and not played very often, then this would counteract this.

I’ve been saying this forever. Wish there was just a basic arcade ladder where you fight the other characters. None of the survival rules or story cutscenes.

But an arcade ladder has story cutscenes.

only at the end or rival battles

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Actually we already have cutscenes in other modes, I only ask for 7 (or 8/9/10) fights with selectable difficulty, random foes with, perhaps, a rival and a fixed boss at the end (not mandatory) and the usual ending credits, nothing more.
Call it “arcade”, call it “ladder”, call it “time trial”, no need too much options, menus, cutscenes or other…only fights.
Man, to me a “random rematch” option in VS mode would be the same=no need to wait the select screen + re-select your character, color, customization + your opponent, color, customization + level and so on.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot…useless to say I’d like to use customizations and colors!

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I say just make a standalone arcade mode like this:

  • All Characters from S1-3 playable in this mode

  • only a cutscene for Rival fight (more than one rival fight available if they wish), for the boss battle (can have multiple or single boss battle i.e. Shago, Aria, Gargos? Boss battles) and maybe a cutscene in the very beginning

  • Ever changing ladder based on difficulty, wins and loses for example, you get a different ending if you go through it on easy or hard and your next fight depends on how you do if your opponent is Jago and you are Fulgore and you beat him you fight Orchid if you Ultra him you fight Orchid has she comes for revenge.

Something along those lines and you get a different secret ending for everything you do to keep people playing to try and figure out how to get all arcade endings with all characters.

You could also get a taunt or profile card when getting all endings or something as incentive. Maybe not the best idea but seems cool to me.

I think that the biggest problem of this forum is that whenever someone starts a topic with a request, we start with the addition of variations and variations (from the simplest to the most unlikely given how things are going).

I would like the community was able to stay focused on a specific request to obtain something instead of starting to ask for further activities that would require a lot of work… I mean, we’ll have a S3 with 3 levels and 8 characters, it seems unlikely to get animated sequences, secret animated sequences and multiple secret animated sequences.
Don’t get me wrong, I’d like what you’re asking for what seems like, more or less, an improved S1 arcade (random opponent with fixed rival and boss + multiple endings) which would be the best thing anyway.

Thinking that similar modes (basic arcade with/without ending credits or random rematch in VS mode) would be so easy to implement drives me crazy.

Hopefully this will be added at the end of Season 3, heck even when Season 3 is done they could add this as bonus update.

Ok, but c’mon, we are talking about a mode that’s present in pretty all fighting games in history how could it be considered a bonus? Imho is an essential part.
Well…I think I cleared my point of view :sweat_smile:

Season 1’s “Story Mode” is the perfect skeleton for an Arcade mode, dossier for the character at the beginning (nothing fancy needed here), fight to the top, a secret fight with Shago if you do well enough and an ending. All that’s needed to be added is making Aria the final boss after Fulgore and you’re golden. Then some time after this MAYBE we can get a real version of Season 1’s story that takes each canonical ending from S1’s cast and connects it with season 2. Really to be honest Thunder for example COULD have that ending that mentions orchid as a cutscene, that ending that show’s fulgore appearing as another cutscene and the last one slightly altered as an ending (even in season 2 he still hasn’t found his brother)

Would love a proper Arcade Ladder mode…
And would love a proper Story Mode for Season 1 characters.

That is true and I didn’t know what came to my head as to call it a bonus. However we’ll most likely have to wait since we need all 3 characters. Plus they’ll most likely be focusing more on season 3’s story than making a proper arcade ladder.