A piece of KI history

So I have a bit of a story behind this thread. When I was a teen I had a subscription to Nintendo Power, and they had a quarterly catalog that would have all kinds of Nintendo merchandise, and of all of it one thing I liked and bought was a Fulgore Tshirt…the one in my avatar. And for the longest time it was my favorite shirt. I wore that thing until it was so threadbare that it wouldn’t hang on me anymore.
Then for the longest time there was nothing.
Awhile back I decided to casually look it up, but I honestly could find no trace of it online. Not the tshirt by itself anyway. I eventually found an image of the catalog, but the detail was poor.
And then I stumbled across a single ebay listing for that very shirt. It’s too small for me, but I was able to snag the image and upgrage my avatar image, and I thought that was going to be that, but ebay being as it is it kept me up with it without my say-so, and odd thing was it kept getting relisted, and relisted, and relisted…as if it were just sitting there waiting for me to get it. So, I finally pulled the trigger, and I just bought it.

Anyway, I thought I’d share. I intend to frame it. After all, it is a vintage tshirt. It’d be a shame if it became as worn and ragged as my first one.


I loved those catalogs. I would buy Donkey Kong stuff and soundtracks. Nintendo was awesome. Anyways I wished there were high resolution images of 90s KI.

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I still have all of those catalogs somewhere.

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Very neat and cool, yes :slight_smile:

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I still have nearly 60 issues of Nintendo Power, but none of the catalogs.

The DK soundtrack was my first CD ever. I actually got it quite a while before I even had a CD player. I used it to tell my parents "See? I have a CD here that I can’t play. So can I get a CD player now? "

…and it actually worked. It was a pretty nice CD player too, not too terribly expensive, but it had some thump to it.

Do you have such a thing? (I see that this is not a Nintendo Power :wink:)


For KI 2, no. I do have the issues of Nintendo Power that cover KI2, and at one point I had the NP KI 1 strategy guide, but never that one. My parents grew up before video games, or “modern” computers for that matter, so they looked at stuff like this as a silly waste of time. I was fortunate to get a NP subscription, nut there was no way I was going to get any sort of random magazine on top of that.

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Thank you for this interesting story! I believe in the revival of Nintendo Power, in one form or another.