A painful glitch with ranks and sadiras level (PC VERSION)

Hi guys, I’m having a serious issue. (PC VERSION)

on day one (PC release) i discovered sadiras stage when loading will crash the game and stick in the loading screen with the rotating KI symbol. This was tolerable to deal with as my parties would choose alternate stages.

However i started climbing the ranks in multiplayer and got to silver 100/1000 pts. The opposing player chose sadiras stage and it crashed typically. Then i realised when i got back into rank mode i had dropped all the way down to 700/1000 Bronze!

To make matters worse I just made it all the way up to about 200/1000 GOLD with about a 30/4 win/loss ratio. and guess what, random selected into sadira stage by the opposing player. I was then reverted to 700/1000 BRONZE.

Does anyone know how to stop this, it’s really disheartening to deal with considering that was a nights work to hit gold.