[A more thought out-Edit/Repost]A practical, unrelenting design problem

It doesn’t repel anyone or really affect anything from the game, nor is it a huge, blatant issue. I’m here mostly to share my thoughts. Nitpick or not, animals don’t just act a certain way for no reason.

Much of the world casually depicts sexual preferences(by which I mean heels), thankfully not entirely, over beauty of function. Bayonetta is a great example of mixing those two, but not every character who isn’t shoe-less has to be sporting a nice pair of supermodel/formal/“mature lady” footwear. I haven’t seen much of Aria, who’s heel-raised feet aren’t so much cool as they are silly. This is by no means a bad thing, and if that’s a critical part of her character then so be it. (Already in terms of silliness I don’t understand the love for Rash’s contrasting level of cartooniness anyway, even if perhaps due to never having payed much attention to Battletoads, it seems too weird. Great taunt though.) Sadira might as well be tiptoeing, which would actually make more sense. Please understand and consider this even if not directly amidst the roster + the series’ history.

for me you invalidate yourself by saying that bayonetta is a great example. I bet most woman would say she is the most offensive, not that any woman i know even cares about this stuff but i guess anita sarkeesian and her weak minded followers would probably agree.

i wanna point out something thats kinda related to this topic. Those woman in games that are apparently offensive to woman are actually the ones that the average like the most. If I ask my girl if she likes a character that is supposedly depicted as very offensive and sexist she tells me yeah she’s cool. On the other hand if I ask her if she likes a character that isn’t depicted as a super model she will tell me no she’s fat/ugly. She doesnt hate fat or ugly people and she would never say that about a human being even if its someone she doesnt now but she’ll say that about videogame characters. My sister is the same. I guess anita sarkeesian is fighting a war against man without realizing that her own kind is even worse in that aspect.

Actually Bayonetta is considered a great feminist video game character because she perfectly represented a woman empowered by her sexuality as opposed to simply being a sex object for men. Her fanbase is more female than male.

I really doubt that. I don’t think there is any game with a fanbase that’s more female than male except for some obvious games that are targeted almost exclusively for girls.

I guess that’s true based on sheer numbers. I should rephrase that to: her biggest and most hardcore fans are mostly girls.

Im not saying it isn’t but do you have any data to back it up? Even if true look at my second post in this thread how I wrote that from my experience the average woman likes more the characters that are supposedly offensive while disliking the fat/ugly ones just based on how they look.

If a person likes heels and puts it on a character then that character has heels. If someone wanted flat soles for light-footed maneuverability they’d get for example, runners. If someone liked heels and wanted them to be a part of their arsenal, I think Bayonetta fits the bill.

Didn’t you say aria was a bad example? Am I wrong or does she throw grenades out of her heels?

if you read my post you’d know i didn’t know that [or that i did]

I personally can’t get into every detail in the game including spoil the story right now if I’m just watching tournaments. In fact I am currently watching top 8 world cup and seeing Aria do things for the first time.

Again, im not one of those people offended by any depiction in games but your argument that if it belongs to someone arsenal then it makes it a great example. Android 18 in dragonball looks completely human but since it is a robot she could be topless the whole time and haver her breasts shoot energy blasts, would that be a great example of how her sexuality isnt just a fantasy for male watchers but instead its a well thought concept on how to fuse sexuality and practicality? No, its not

Edit: Oh my god I even typed b.reasts so it doesn’t get censored but it got anyway.

Why are you comparing a specific thing you wear on your feet for specific reasons, to an entire sentient android’s simulated flesh on their bones?

because you justified the sexualization in bayonetta by saying it belongs to her arsenal.

The two are not the same thing. And by practical I mean from the perspective of real life as creators at a character who has feet and the occupational inconsistencies that can occur. This post only ever meant to focus on and about heels and KI. Nothing else. Maybe I’m using ‘practical’ wrong. Should I have said ‘impractical’ instead?