A limited edition 'killer instinct xbox one'

Last day i was thinking; they make a limited edition xbox one for FORZA 6, HALO 5 and other games to come…
Microsoft and IG please make a limited killer instinct xbox one console, i would be happy to pay 500 euro (dollars) (i’m from Belgium) for it.
I really really want it in my livingroom.
Are there any other people who thought about a limited edition xbox one?
ps to IG and Microsoft: i bought an xbox one because of killer instinct and i 'm not the only one.
a lot of credit to IG for making KI better and better.
now, the community want some credit back for buying, supporting KI and IG in all the way; please make us an limited edition xbox one.


If they allow me to trade in my Current Xbox One for this, I would. With Kim Wu on the Xbox… :heart_eyes:

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You can just get a skin and get a KI Theme printed on it then apply it to your console, kinect and controller if you want the full package.

Like a Skin Similar to Xbox 360’s Shell skin thing (Forgotten the name) , or Like more of a sticker?

The sticker. I don’t remember the website but my wife got me a Marine Corps Desert Digital Camoflauge skin for my Xbox One.

That actually sounds pretty cool. If you ever find the website, just Message me or something.

Will def do. I’ve actually been meaning to ask her if she remembers it cause I also have the White Xbox One as well and have been wanting to do an Icy Glacius theme to it.

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That Glacius on a White Xbox sounds awesome. Maybe you could share pictures when you get it?

Here’s how my Day One Xbox One looks skinned. Just need to get some art work to come up with the right Icy theme for my White Xbox One

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Wow. That’s amazing. So sleek! Can’t wait to see that White Xbox Get some love. Are you going with Blue Icy look, or gonna keep it white?

Please please do this one i’ll preorder it right now lol!!!

now its to late, … i just preorderd my xbox one S gears of war 4 bundle. :smile:

Can we at least get that controller maybe make an elite controller like that? I’m definitely picking up the KI accessories for the elite controller when they come out

Sadly they only do consoles for huge first party releases, as far as I can recall. Halo games, Gears, etc. KI just hasn’t reached that status yet. That’s not to say I don’t want one, I just don’t see it happening for a very long time.