A kinda cool thing happened online

So I was doing some ranked matches, as I am want to do, when I get matched to a killer tier named UA Bass.

I’m like, “oh snap, is that really Bass?”

He picks Gargos and goes on to whoop me up. I do alright, but I was never gonna win that fight to begin with.

A couple of things make me think it wasn’t actually Bass. His Gargos was only level 36, He did this trolly thing where he kept picking me up and putting me down, and I got a life bar off him. So it coulda just been some random who took the gamertag of UA Bass.

BUT, I like to think it was the actual Bass, and I just got lucky enough to be matched up against him. Kinda a one in a million chance.

I mean, Bass is currently #10 in Ranked, which requires playing a lot of matches, so it’s far from impossible to get matched with him. I’m pretty sure I’ve played him. He was probably experimenting with a side character.

Also, someone did that grabbing loop to me once, and it’s very annoying. I think I just started jabbing and started getting him in the brief opening.

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I was Thunder, I tried grabbing him during the grab loops, but Gargos was faster, I tried a couple of normals but Gargos was still faster.

I ended up just jumping straight up and using my jumping heavy kick. But sadly it was blocked, and then my follow up got Shadow countered.

It was almost like he expected me to jump :slight_smile:

Reading opponents’ minds is a lot of what separates them from us :slight_smile:

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Yep. You got matched against him. I ran into him several times since last week. He’s played Eagle and Jago. I lost all matches of course, but I was able to take a life bar from him. Even a round at some point. This guy is insanely good. I’d love to run into his Spinal though. No one plays this character like him. It’s amazing. I know he would wreck me, but it’d fun.

I agree; running into Bass is a nearly-guaranteed loss for me anyways (I mean, maybe he could get disconnected), so why not get destroyed properly?

Well, never hurts to ask. @UABass, if you happen to recognize us on Ranked and are feeling generous (seems you’re working on other characters), please give us the Spinal treatment.


Be careful what you wish for! :joy:


If you ever catch me streaming this game, I’m usually down to play anyone, and just let me know who you’d want to fight against (Spinal, Cinder, etc etc) as long as you ask in chat (tag me so I can see it). I do recognize some names (forgive me if I don’t). Turn your notifications on to see when I’m live! GGs to all before.