A KI Tournament Arena Stage?

Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I was looking back at some of the character backstories and I noticed that pretty much every character ends up taking part in the KI Tournament, whether it be by their own choice of b/c they were conned into it by Ultratech.

I haven’t played too much of the Classic KI games (despite me owning them) so I was wondering if there was actually ever a stage in any of the games that was the KI Tournament arena? Or has every stage always pretty much been the home/base of the character it represents?

If there hasn’t been one then how would you guys feel about having the KI Tournament Arena as a bonus stage in Season 3? Could probly add in a sweet stage ultra into it as well :sunglasses:

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I always thought it was weird that since it was a tournament why there was no arena. But I think it was just fights that were broadcast over the city like the running man film. Orchids old stage had large screens showing the fight.
I would love an arena stage. Show some actual human or other life in it. Stage getting trashed as the fight progress or the crowd getting louder chanting the victory name.

That’s a whole lotta food throwing to cover the big guy lol

If only there was something like that.

The announcers for the game should act as commentators.