A KI Character for Injustice 2?

So as you probably already know, Injustice 2 has been announced and Ed Boon has been recently talking about an MK/KI crossover, but fans want a character from KI to go into IJ2. So what character do you think would be the best fit for Injustice 2, if it was a confirmed thing? I would probably say Cinder, since he’s that superhero kind of guy, but then again, he’s a villian.

100x why?!?!?!?!?!!?

Honestly, I2 needs no guests. It’s actually based in an incredibly robust universe. Take from the myriad of characters instead of tossing in outsiders.


So long as it brings more attention to KI then I don’t care who it is but I can almost guarantee that if they get a guest it will sub zero or worse scorpion again.


Why don’t companies just make mugen games then? Seriously…would solve everyone’s issues.

Just think Over 1000 fighters to choose from. Noone would ever complain again!!!


No more guest characters.

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Maya because Tha Battle of the Amazonians.

I totally agree with this. DC has a huge universe filled with heroes that are amazing but don’t ever get the spotlight. This is their chance.


Going with the premise that it somehow is a possibility, the only real choice is Fulgore. MS will probably take issue with KI characters getting decapitated, disembowled and what have you. Maybe not so much with a ‘machine’.


Spawn would be my first choice for a guest in Injustice 2 but I didn’t think of a KI character guesting in I2, that would be awesome.

It would have to be Fulgore. A killer robot like Fulgore could blend in a comic based universe like DC’s pretty easily IMO. He also seems like he is the poster character of KI, IMO. His super move could be a ridiculously epic Hype Beam…

Fulgore or cinder would probably be the best ones to have as a guest. If Ki ever guest from mk (please no) id rather they pick someone who would fit in instead of the most popular poster boy. From mk the few that Come to mind that would be cool would be reptile or Shang tsung.

Well if NRS makes the MK KI crossover then I’m already kissing goodbye on the gameplay aspect.

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Duck Dodgers and Space Ghost


Read the top post, VV… A KI character in Injustice, not a cartoon character.

I know :blush:

Orchid would be the best choice, but I feel that the extended family of DC & WB is more then sufficient.

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if that EVER happened it’d be jago orfulgore y’all know that

That’s not in injustice

Injustice fans want more DC characters to come to Injustice. See hate for Scorpion in Injustice 1 which caused the big uproar in hate for guest characters. If they don’t even want popular MK characters why would they want obscure KI characters.

… You’re right. Not sure why I was thinking of MK there.